Rachel and Kim, Part 3

Last week, you saw the first two parts of a scene from the sequel to Weekend Plans, in which our main character Shawn gets spanked by two women at the same time. Here’s the final part of that scene — at least, one way that it could go down. (There’s another way, but you’ll have to wait for the book to be published to see that.)

The two of them spank you for a good long time, until you feel like your bottom is glowing, and then they start rubbing you again.

“It’s okay to be turned on,” Rachel says.

“It is?” That’s Kim, incredulous.

“It is,” Rachel confirms. “Just let us know if anything’s going to happen, so we can stop.”

“I…” You shiver a bit. “I don’t think anything’s going to happen. Not what you’re thinking, anyway.”

“Still. If you’re aroused, be aroused. I don’t mind.”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Kim says. “I just never really thought about it like that.”

“Well, do spankings turn you on?” Rachel asks. Kim must be nodding, because she continues: “then it only makes sense they turn other people on too.” A pause. “Shall we continue?”


There’s another long pause, and some movement, and then when Rachel’s paddle goes crack! against your backside you remember that they brought implements. She gives you a more traditional spanking with the paddle, so to speak, and it hurts. It’s not a very heavy paddle.

The one Kim has, though, is heavier. When she takes her turn she really whacks you hard and you let out a soft moan. She gives you about twenty swats, and then rubs your bottom.

“Shall we?” Rachel asks.

“We shall,” Kim says.

You clench your teeth, and just in time, because they pick up the rhythm very well and soon enough they’re paddling your ass. They’re both going hard, one on each side, and it burns. But, worse than a normal paddling, the burn never stops. They just keep spanking, over and over, harder and harder, crack!crack!crack!crack!, and you feel your ass catch fire even as the position and situation transmit twisted signals elsewhere and your erection rubs against the towel even as you twist and turn and try to escape.

But you can’t get away. They’re both leaning on you even as they paddle you, and even though you kick and squirm and yelp they keep on spanking you, over and over and over. For a brief moment you wonder if you’re going to need to use a safeword, but then they stop. “Here,” Rachel says. “Give me that.”

Kim, you suppose, passes over the heavier paddle.

“Let’s finish you off.”

You screw your eyes shut as Rachel swings and the paddle goes thwack! on your scalded backside. She’s hitting you harder than before, harder than you expected, and it hurts a hell of a lot more than you think you want. It definitely has a calming effect on other places as your brain turns off the pleasure circuit, focusing instead on the pain.

Rachel hits you nine more times with the heavy paddle, and then Kim rubs your bottom. “Almost done?” she asks.

“Almost,” Rachel agrees.


“Almost,” Rachel says again.

If you thought she was paddling you hard before, you had no idea what was coming. She lands ten vicious whacks right on your sit-spots, and they’re fast, too, and you nearly jolt off their laps.

Only then does Rachel say, “now we’re done.”

You’re breathing hard, and not even close to erect anymore, and even squirming away as they gently brush their fingertips over your ass. “You’re really red,” Kim says. “Do you want some pictures?”

“S… sure.”

They help you to your feet, and you collapse face-first on the bed, but bent over it. Kim brings you your phone and you unlock it, and then she goes behind you and you hear her nails tapping your screen. When she shows you the pictures, your eyes flutter closed. You can’t remember your ass ever being this red.

Rachel kneels beside you and puts her arm over your back. “Are you okay?”

You nod. “It was a lot. But I’ll be all right.”

“Good.” She half-hugs you, and when you get up she hugs you for real. It’s kind of amazing being hugged by someone taller than you, and you rest your head on her shoulder. You don’t even realize until after you hug Kim as well that you’re standing there naked from the waist down.

You struggle back into your pants — even the brush of the cotton of your underwear makes your ass sting with pain — and shudder a bit, sort of pulling yourself back together. You bid them farewell and head back to your room.

Rachel and Kim are based on women I’ve actually spanked or been spanked by — I had their permission to base characters on them — and they’re both very lovely people. If you look carefully at previous posts on this blog, you’ll be able to figure out who they are.

The third book in the Weekend Plans series focuses on Rachel, as well as Shawn and his girlfriend Julie, and if you take the correct path in the book Kim shows up as well. I mean, there is a Spanking Connected Universe, after all.

I’ve also been thinking about writing another story about Emma, from the first Weekend Plans book; she originally grew out of a character in the Detective Daddy series but sort of took on a life of her own in Weekend Plans. I guess we’ll see how that goes in the future.

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