SWITCHING PLANS is out today!

Today’s the day! If you preordered Switching Plans, it’ll be right there on your e-reader waiting for you; if you didn’t, you can get it right now. And if you’re still not sure, here’s one more preview for you. It features Kristen, from Three Paddlings for Kristen, getting spanked by the book’s main character:

“I’ll just lift up your dress, if that’s all right.”

“Yeah.” Kristen seems relieved as she gets in position, bending over your left thigh, her bottom in the air. You slide her dress out of the way; she’s wearing very cheeky panties, white with lace edging, and they expose almost all of her backside. It’s the principle of the thing, you suppose; it makes her feel more comfortable to keep them on. You’re totally fine with that.

You start by spanking her at an easy pace, not too hard, but your hand almost covers an entire cheek of her ass; she’s slender, but her hips have a curve. Just not a very dramatic one. She does have a great ass, though — you looked her up on Kinkster while you waited for her, and she has more than a few pictures of her bottom, well-spanked and not, on her profile.

She feels pretty relaxed over your lap, and when you check in, she confirms it. “Good,” you say. “More?”


You continue the spanking, your hand going whap! against her backside. You’re almost completely spanking her bare skin, given what her panties don’t cover, so it’s almost as if she didn’t have the panties on at all. You don’t mind one way or the other.

Kristen is white but she’s not pale; her natural skin tone is a very light tan. Still, your hand manages to turn her bottom pink without too much effort.

“I’m going to go harder now, okay?”


She sounds fine, so you increase your intensity, whack! after whack! hitting her mostly-bare bottom, and she squirms a bit but doesn’t try to get away or anything. This is more your normal intensity for spankings — harder than when you started, but not so hard that you’re going to actually hurt her. The spanks will build up, you know, but all she can really expect to feel from this is a deep warmth, unless you go for a ridiculously-long amount of time.

Which you’re not going to do. You spank her for about three minutes, and then cup her warm backside. “Still doing good?”

“Still good.”

You brush your finger over the back of Kristen’s panties. “How do you feel about taking these down?”

She stiffens slightly and you feel bad for even asking, but then she assents. “Go ahead.”

You take hold of her waistband and draw her panties down, tucking them under the cheeks of her ass. Then, without warning, you start spanking her again, a little harder than before. She doesn’t make a lot of noise, but if you listen carefully you can hear her breathing getting faster. That bodes well, and you spank her bare backside at least two hundred times — you lose count at some point, so you have to estimate. Her squirming is more pronounced now, and your other hand is on her waist, holding her in place.

You deliver ten more swats and then pat her ass, probably more possessively than you should. “Almost done?”


You rub Kristen’s bottom for a moment before drawing back and delivering a hard whack! to her right sit-spot. Then you land another whack! on the left side. They aren’t as hard as you can possibly go, but they’re much harder spanks than you were giving her before. You smack her backside over and over, jolting her entire body, until she makes a distressed sound and her bottom is red in places.

“You okay?”

“I’m good.” She moves a little. “Can I get up?”

“Of course.” You take your hands away and she stands up, her dress falling into place. She reaches underneath it and tugs her panties back into position, and then touches her ass through her dress. “Warm?”

“Very warm.” She smiles. “Thank you.”

Did you miss any of the other previews I’ve posted? They’re all right here for you:

Interested? I hope so. Get your copy of Switching Plans now! And just in case you didn’t see the cover, here it is:

(The cover of Switching Plans, featuring a Black woman with dark magenta hair.)

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