The Marian Scene, Part 3

On Wednesday I started showing you one of my favorite scenes from the sequel to Weekend Plans. Yesterday the scene continued, with our main character getting spanked quite a lot. Today is the final part of the scene, and I personally think it’s pretty hot. I hope you agree.

“I… I think so.”

She picks up a big paddle with holes drilled in it and all the blood drains from your face, but you soldier on. “Six swats. Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good.” She touches your cock — your erection faltered a bit when she showed you that paddle, but she strokes you back to full hardness and then steps away. “Ready?”

You swallow hard. “Ready.”

But you weren’t ready. Not really. It’s more of a wham! than a whack! when she lands the first paddle swat, and the implement is big enough to hit both sides at the same time. You moan through clenched teeth.


“Ow, fuck!”


“Owwww!” You know you’re a cliche, but you don’t care.


“Fuck me!” It’s an exclamation, not an exhortation.



The last one is the worst of all — you have to imagine she wound up like a baseball player and swung for the fences. The wham! knocks you forward onto the bed, and you fall onto your side, fists clenched.

“Did you enjoy that?” Marian asks.

Your eyes are still shut tight. “Not really,” you manage to say.

“Oh well. I did.” She pats the bed. “Sit up. Legs apart.”

“Sit… sit up? Are you kidding?”

“Do you need more paddle swats first?”

That gets your attention. Your ass is on fire, aching and thumping with each heartbeat, but you do as she says. She takes off her bra, revealing smallish breasts. Her chest has freckles the same light-brown color as her nipples. She retrieves a bottle of lube and a pair of gloves from the nightstand drawer and kneels in front of you.

Well, you weren’t hard for a moment there, but before she can even touch you, you’re right back to where you were. You watch as she puts on the latex gloves and then pours some lube into her right palm. She gets it all over her fingers too, and then when she reaches for you, her slick hand falls into place like it’s always belonged wrapped around your cock.

Then she starts to stroke you. Your cock is soon glistening from the lube, her other hand cupping your balls, fingers teasing the spot behind them. You thrust up against her hand and she starts to stroke you harder. Her hands are warm and feel amazing, and this is by far the best handjob you’ve ever had. Maybe it’s the lube; maybe it’s the gloves; maybe it’s the fact that you just got your ass destroyed. Whatever the reason, you know you won’t last long.

Marian clearly knows it too. She points your cock at her breasts and strokes faster, the lube making squelching noises between your skin and her glove. You growl, teeth clenched, and you come hard, spurting thick streams of come over Marian’s breasts and chest, some of it even getting on her neck.

To your surprise, she doesn’t stop; she scoots in closer to make sure she can drain every bit of your come out onto her skin, stroking you until it almost hurts. Then, and only then, does she stop, sitting back on her haunches. Your vision is sparkly, but it’s clear enough to see how well you’ve decorated her skin.

“That,” you say, your voice hoarse, “was fucking amazing.”

“I know,” she says. Then, as you sit there, trying to recover, she gets up and heads for the bathroom, stripping off the gloves as she goes. A minute or so passes, and when she returns with a damp washcloth for you all of your come is gone from her skin. She hands you the washcloth and you clean up before going into the bathroom. You use the toilet and wash your hands, and as you look at your face in the mirror you wonder if you’re the first person she’s done this with this weekend, or if she’s given handjobs to multiple male bottoms, if she’s painted her chest with come two or three or however many times.

But if that’s her kink, and she’s here to fulfill that need, who are you to stop her? She didn’t do anything nonconsensual, and she didn’t break any of the rules you laid out when you started.

When you come out of the bathroom, she’s wearing a plain black t-shirt. You can see the points of her nipples through the thin material. “Come here,” she says.

It turns out all she wants is a hug, and it’s a nice hug. Nicer because she reaches down and grabs your ass hard, making you squirm. “You did good,” she tells you. “Let’s do it again next party.”

You don’t really know what to say to that — will Julie let it happen? Will she want to watch? Will she want to take over? You have no idea. So you just give her a noncommittal “hmm” as a response and go put your clothes on.

Marian swats your backside as you pass her on the way out. “This was fun.”

“It was.”

You let yourself out of her room and head for the elevator; you need a break after that scene. And you need to figure out how you’re going to tell your girlfriend about it.

The next decision the reader has to make is how much of this scene Shawn will relate to Julie. How will she react? You’ll just have to wait until I publish the book to find out.

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