The Marian Scene, Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the start of one of my favorite scenes in the sequel to Weekend Plans. Here’s the second part:

“You can go hard,” you tell Marian.

So she does, her small hand hitting your bare ass with a sharp smack! It stings, but the whole situation is so bizarrely hot that you don’t even care. She spanks you hard, but methodically, working her way up and down each side in sets of five swats. Other than the sting, it doesn’t hurt too badly — she might just not be that strong — and you do your best to relax into it despite your erection pounding between your body and hers, even through the towel.

Marian stops and drags her fingers down between your cheeks, brushing your opening, and you squirm. She chuckles and goes back to spanking you, but that little touch has you tingling.

She spanks you for another minute or so, and then does it again, a little more this time, her fingertip drawing a little circle. You let out a low moan. Then more spanking, and then more teasing, until your entire backside is electrified and you’re wishing she would do something more than just spank you.

Which she does. She cups your balls in her spank-warmed hand, gently squeezing them. You moan again. “Hard enough for you?” she asks, a teasing tone in her voice.

You don’t know what possesses you to say it, but you tell her she can do it harder. You’re not sure if you mean the spanking, or her squeezing your balls, or whatever, but you want more of something. More of anything.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Marian says.

When she starts spanking you again, it’s harder, and it does more than sting. You can tell she’s swinging through the target. It hurts, and it feels wonderful, and every twenty spanks or so — you’re not really counting — she teases your ass or your balls. You aren’t going to come just from that, but it certainly makes you want to. You can’t stop squirming, and you’re harder than you’ve been in a long time, and when she finally stops and tells you to get up you groan. But you do what she says.

You watch as Marian goes over to the desk and retrieves three paddles. She puts the two larger ones on the bed and keeps the small one in her hand. “Bend over,” she tells you, “with your legs apart.”

You kind of wonder if she expects a “yes, ma’am” or something, but that doesn’t sit well with you so you just do as she orders, even going so far as to lean on your forearms and elbows so your backside is raised and presented as best it can be.

Marian rewards you by reaching between your legs and stroking you some more. You shudder and sigh, and she gives you that low chuckle that makes your insides twist in the most delightful way. Then she taps the cool wood of the paddle against your balls, and that makes you jump. “Don’t worry,” she says. “I won’t do that.”

You let out a breath.

The paddle surprises you when it goes crack! against your ass. It’s small and light and thin, and it stings more than you’d like, but you’re bound and determined to take whatever she has to give you. 

After a few dozen swats, she strokes you again. “I bet if I stopped right now you’d let me get you off.”

“Fuck yes.” It’s almost a whimper.

“But I won’t. Not yet.”

Marian swaps out the small paddle for a longer, heavier one, and this one hurts substantially more when she starts spanking you with it. She’s hitting you every second or two, just long enough for the heat to sink in but not long enough for you to relax into the pain, and somewhere in the back of your mind you realize that this is what you do to the people you spank and now you understand why they hate it so much.

You don’t really hate it, though. You’re too turned on to hate it.

It helps that, after every few swats, she teases your ass or your balls, or strokes your cock. It keeps you thinking about what might be coming next. You’ve never had a spanking quite like this and it’s blowing your mind, and if this was Julie doing it you’d have long since thrown her onto the bed and fucked her into oblivion. But it’s not, so you just have to take it.

There’s a lot to take. You lose track of how many times the paddle whacks your ass, but you know it’s a lot — you can feel the burning ache of a good, hard spanking settling in and you know you’re in for more tomorrow. And maybe later, depending upon what happens.

Marian caresses your ass. “Can you take a little more?”

At this point, the reader is offered the option to take more or end the scene. Tomorrow I’ll show you what happens if you say yes to Marian.

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