Rachel and Kim, Part 1

On Friday, I showed you the flowchart for a potential third book in the Weekend Plans series. In order for that book to make sense, you have to follow a certain series of paths in the Weekend Plans sequel that introduce you to characters named Rachel and Kim. I rather enjoyed the scenes I wrote with them, so here’s the first part of the scene where the main character, Shawn, meets them for the first time:

You head to the all bottoms’ hospitality suite, and you sit down to talk to a small group of people — an older man with wild white hair, a woman probably in her forties with long blond hair and green eyes, and a very tall, very curvy woman in her thirties with pitch-black hair and chocolate-brown eyes. You really like the tall woman’s appearance: she has a sweet face, and you can tell even without her standing up that she’s taller than you, which you find sexy — there aren’t a lot of women into spanking who are taller than you, or at least not many that you’ve found. She’s not quite as curvy as Isabel, but you imagine her hugs feel just as good.

You all introduce yourselves; the man’s name is Wesley, the blonde is Kim, and the tall one is Rachel. “It’s nice to meet you,” you say. “Where are you all from?”

Wesley is from California, but the other two are from Wyoming. “Did you turn off the lights when you left?”

“Oh, ha, ha,” Kim says. “Clearly we’ve never heard that one before.”

Rachel nudges her. “Be nice. He probably doesn’t get to use it often.”

“You’re not wrong,” you say.

You chat with them for a bit; they’re very friendly. Kim talks about wanting a hard spanking, and you’re on the verge of offering her one when Rachel says, “you can get that anywhere. What about what I want?”

“What do you want?” you ask.

She’s completely matter-of-fact about it when she answers. “I’ve never done a double spanking before. I mean, as the top.”

“Do you mean you spanking two people, or two people, including you, spanking one person?”

“The latter.” She sighs. “I’ve asked a couple of people here about it, but no one seems interested. They all want to spank me.”

“Do you like being spanked?” You definitely had the thought; her name badge is yellow, which means she’s a switch.

“I do,” she says with a nod, “but I’m here to both top and bottom.”

“What about the Naughty Boys party? I just came from there.”

Rachel shrugs. “Not my scene. I prefer to play one-on-one. Or, in this case, two-on-one.”

“Makes sense.” You take the leap. “If you have another top to play with, I’ll volunteer as tribute.”

“Really?” Her eyes light up. “You’re not just saying that?”

“I’m not just saying that.”

Rachel looks over at Kim. “What do you say? You up for helping out?”

“I’m so not a top,” Kim says.

“No, but you know how to give a spanking, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Problem solved.” She gets to her feet. So do you. After a moment, so does Kim. “Where do you want to do this?”

“It’s my first time bottoming to two people at the same time,” you say. “Can we do it in private?”

“Sure. We can use my room.” Rachel leads the way out of the suite and to the elevator. You notice that Wesley didn’t come along and you ask why not. “Do you really want him watching?”

“Well, it wasn’t first on my list.” The elevator arrives and the three of you step inside. “But I don’t want him to feel left out.”

“It’s okay,” Kim says. “He’s a top anyway, and strictly straight.”

“Okay then.”

The three of you end up in Rachel’s room, which is the same as yours except that it has one king bed instead of two queens. You go over the basics of negotiation, and then Rachel asks how you want to do this.

I actually worked with three people from Wyoming, back in the early 2000s, and I’m pretty sure they turned off the lights when they left for Florida (where I lived at the time). They thought the joke was funny.

The two options for this scene are “go OTK” and “let them pick”. I don’t want to spoil the entire book, so I’m going to show you the OTK option tomorrow.

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