Rachel and Kim, Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the prelude to a double-spanking in the sequel to Weekend Plans. Today you get to see the main character Shawn get spanked by both of these women. Enjoy!

You remember seeing a video once of someone being spanked over two laps at the same time, and you decide that’s what you want. You find a picture on your phone and show it to Rachel, and she thinks about it for a moment before figuring out a way to make it happen: she sits in the room’s “comfortable” chair, Kim wheels over the desk chair, and they sit close enough that their knees are basically interlocked. It’s only going to work, you think, because Rachel is so tall that she has long enough arms to reach you.

“I have to admit that I imagined this as a bare-bottom spanking,” Rachel says. “Is that okay with you?”

“I was hoping you’d ask. Do you want me to get a towel?”

“Good idea.” Rachel looks over at her dresser, and then says to Kim, “can you grab a couple of paddles? For after we warm him up.”

You retrieve a towel from the bathroom while Kim retrieves the implements, and then you drape the towel over their legs. They’re both wearing pants, but you figure it’s only polite to protect their clothes. Then you take off your shoes, as well as your pants and underwear, and lay over their laps, trying not to think of how turned on you are at the moment.

You’ve never felt anything quite like two women rubbing your backside at the same time. Rachel’s hand is a little warmer than Kim’s, you think; she’s on your left side, and Kim is on your right.

There’s no countdown, and no warning. Rachel just starts spanking you, rather firmly, while Kim puts her hands on your back to hold you in place. After a couple dozen swats, she stops and then Kim starts; her hand is a little smaller, and she’s not hitting you as hard, but it’s still ridiculously hot to be in this position, at their mercy.

“What do you think?” Rachel asks.

You’re not sure if she’s asking you or Kim, so you remain quiet. “It’s okay. Not necessarily my thing, but fun,” Kim says.

“I like it,” you add.

“Good. So do I.”

Rachel spanks you again, this time focusing on your left side, and Kim figures out what she’s supposed to be doing and begins spanking your right side. It takes them a few seconds to get in rhythm, and then they’re spanking you simultaneously, and if you thought being rubbed by both of them was something, then you realize you’re in for a truly new experience now that they’re both whacking your backside at the same time. You don’t think it’s overwhelming or anything, but it’s a lot of sensation, and the position plus the fact that these two gorgeous women are spanking you has you trying to subdivide your attention so you don’t get hard. Not that they probably would mind. You hope.

They pause and each woman rubs her side of your ass. “Getting kind of pink,” Rachel says. She grabs your ass and squeezes, then swats you. “Having a good time?”

“Hell yes.”

“Glad to hear it.” She pauses, probably looking over to Kim. “How about we alternate?” she suggests.


Rachel spanks you. Then there’s a moment of what you think is confusion before Kim spanks you. Then Rachel. Then Kim. And then they get the pattern down, and this is truly unlike any spanking you’ve ever experienced because there’s no break; it’s just whack!whack!whack!whack! as their hands come down and smack your backside. It’s by far the fastest spanking you’ve ever received, and while they’re not going especially hard, it’s still extremely intense and your head is nearly spinning.

I would love to be spanked by two women at the same time. In fact, in an upcoming post (it’s scheduled for October 14), I talk a little more about that fantasy as part of a post about an erotic artist I’m a particular fan of.

There’s one more part of this section of the book, but you’ll have to wait until next week to read it. Don’t worry, though; you’ll like tomorrow’s post. It has lots of spanking in it.

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