Kami Tora

I first came across Kami Tora, the “Paper Tiger”, when I was active on Tumblr, in the days before the Great Purge of 2018. His images were everywhere in the subcultures I frequented — spanking, pegging, cumshots, etc. He is a wonderful erotic artist whose work can be enjoyed by many, and I encourage you to learn more about him.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Kami Tora art pieces. This week, we’re starting with spanking. Specifically, women being spanked.

(Art by Kami Tora: a man in a suit paddling a blond woman over his lap with her skirt up and panties down. Her bottom is bright red and she is in tears.)

What makes this one great is a combination of the no-nonsense look on his face combined with the pain on hers.

(Art by Kami Tora: a black-haired woman wearing a negligee, her panties down, her bottom bright red but also wetness flowing from between her legs, her makeup a mess, a bath brush prominently displayed next to her.)

I love it when I spank a woman and she gets turned on, even when she’s in tears.

(Art by Kami Tora: a brunette, crying, wearing cutoff shorts, her red bottom peeking out the hem, as she washes a car.)

I write a lot of punishment scenes, and this looks like the end of a good one.

(Art by Kami Tora: a naked brunette, legs spread, locked into a spanking machine, crying as it makes impact over and over.)

I’ve seen lots of spanking machines, but this one is probably one of the best. I wonder if anyone’s ever actually tried to build it.

(Art by Kami Tora: two men spanking two women; the women’s bottoms are bare, and both appear to be in tears. The women are over the men’s laps, and their bottoms are bright red. The men are spanking with their hands.)

Another punishment fantasy scene.

I don’t usually purchase erotic art, but if I was going to, it would be Kami Tora’s. He’s just that good. I hope you enjoyed these images.

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