It’s SWITCHING PLANS preview week! Today’s subject: Johanna

Switching Plans comes out this Friday, March 31. Have you preordered it yet? Well, if you haven’t, this is the week to find out if you’re going to like it or not, because I’ll be bringing you previews of the book so you get a good idea of what’s to come. Today, we meet Johanna. Depending on the path you take in Switching Plans, you’ll either spank her or be spanked by her. This is part of the scene where she is the bottom:

Once inside, the four of you pair off and you chat quickly with Johanna. “What do you want to wear?” you ask.

“Well, I’m not wearing a thong, so I guess bare bottom.”

That surprises you; you’ve only just met her, you’ve exchanged very few words so far, and her husband is right there. But hey, if she wants her bare bottom spanked, who are you to complain? “Anything I should know, health-wise? Can you go over my knee?”

“Yes, please.” She toes off her slip-on sneakers and unbuttons her pants. “So you know, I usually come from spanking.”

Wow. Okay. “Should… should we get a towel?”

“Oh, yeah, good idea.” There’s a pile of clean linens on the dresser; she retrieves a towel, which you lay over your lap. Johanna pulls down her jeans and panties, revealing sparse, dark-blond hair between her legs. She’s completely unselfconscious about it, and you do your best to match her demeanor. After all, this isn’t about you touching her there; this is about you spanking her.

Which it’s time to do. You touch your leg and she drapes herself over your lap. She’s not quite tall enough to reach the floor at both ends, so she settles for putting her bottom straight up and her hands on the carpet. You cup her backside. “Ready?”


You look over at Jean; she has Lance’s shorts and underwear down and, while you watch, she starts spanking him hard. He looks surprised, but he’s not raising a ruckus.

You bring your palm down firmly on Johanna’s bare bottom and she sighs. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Perfectly,” she says.


Then you start to spank her for real: not hard, not light, not fast, not slow; just a regular getting-to-know-you kind of spanking. Her skin is medium-toned for a white person, and her bottom begins to get a pink tinge as you smack it. She squirms a little, and you see the muscles in her calves flex as she moves her feet.

After about fifty swats, you stop to check in. “Still feeling good?”

“Feeling great.” Her voice is soft and a little breathy. Is she already turned on?

Yes. When you start spanking her again, a little harder, and she squirms more, that confirms it. Johanna really likes being spanked. Even over the sound of your hand on her ass and Jean’s on her husband’s you can hear her breathing get a little ragged. Every now and then she answers a spank with a little gasp. It’s quite hot, to be honest, but you focus on what you’re doing instead of getting aroused and your control is good enough that she never even notices.

Jean switches to a leather paddle; Lance’s face is blissful. You wish you could see Johanna’s. You stop again and her whole body sags. You lean down and speak softly, just loud enough for her to hear you. “You’re getting close, aren’t you?”

She nods.

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