Are you ready for some Weekend Plans?

It’s taken a lot of work — including reformatting the entire book twice — but I have good news: Weekend Plans is done and ready to drop.

What’s this book about? Well, there’s spanking in it — a lot of spanking. And a lot of sex. And some humans making human-like mistakes. Rather like the rest of my books.

When’s it coming out? August 21, 2020 — just in time for you to get a printed copy for Labor Day weekend. I’m sure a lot of people are making Labor Day plans, and reading a fun new book fits right in.

That said… look, humans, we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. I live in the US, in one of the virus hotspots, and I’m being as careful as possible. Please, if you’re going to be around other people, make sure you wear a mask, stay six feet away from others, and make intelligent choices. I want you to be around long enough to read my next book, and if the pandemic gets you, that might not happen.

End of speech.

As soon as I have a preorder link for Weekend Plans, I’ll share it here. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt:

You switch back to spanking Emma with your hand, and now that she’s good and warmed up you can go harder. You like to spank hard with your hands; there’s an intimacy to it that implements can’t replicate. Red marks are forming beautifully on the curves of her ass and thighs, and you’re both really getting into it.

You check in with Emma again — “more, please” is her reply — and in response, you haul off and spank her as hard as you can.

That earns you a loud yell of pain. You put your hand on her lower back, both to comfort her and to make sure she doesn’t move, and then you smack the other side, equally hard. “Fuck!” she shouts.

“‘Fuck’ isn’t a safeword,” you tell her. You know how hard you spank, and you know she’s in pain, and you want her to have the opportunity to call yellow or red if she needs to. But in the past some people you’ve played with have forgotten their safewords, and that’s the last thing you want from a first scene. “Do you need me to stop?”

“No chance,” Emma says, looking over her shoulder at you. You can tell from her expression that this is informed consent, that she knows exactly what she’s asking for. 

You start spanking Emma again, as hard as the last two swats. You focus on the spanking, your hand making loud, angry crack! sounds with each swat as you alternate sides. Emma’s noises are definitely all pain now, no pleasure, and you find yourself enjoying that just as much as her fun-pain noises.

At least, until you realize that your hand is starting to hurt. So is your arm. And Emma’s ass? Deep red and already starting to bruise, showing little dark reddish-purple marks where they’re going to bloom.

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