A List of Scenes

Here’s a list of scenes that I have to write for the sequel to Weekend Plans:

  1. Sex with your girlfriend before the spanking party.
  2. Sex with your girlfriend after the spanking party.
  3. The Naughty Boys’ spanking party.
  4. A double-top spanking. (Two different ways.)
  5. Spanking Isabel from Three Paddlings for Kristen.
  6. Spanking a heavy bottom until her skin breaks.
  7. A quick hand spanking from a female top.
  8. A “test it out” hand spanking from a Mistress. (Two different ways.)
  9. A spanking scene with two tops and two bottoms, with you as a top (which ends in three different ways) or with you as a bottom.
  10. Spanking an “iron butt”.
  11. A sensual spanking.
  12. A sexual spanking that ends with orgasm.
  13. A nice, easy spanking with you as the top. (Several different ways.)
  14. Basically my scene with Miss Camomile.
  15. Several versions of the same spanking with Kristen.
  16. A scene where Zach from “Reunion” (in Baker’s Dozen) spanks Kristen while you spank Zach’s wife Alison.
  17. A masturbation scene. (Two different ways.)
  18. Taking video of two people spanking and fucking.
  19. A nice, easy spanking with you as the bottom. (Several different ways.)
  20. A spanking from a trans* top.
  21. Walking around the dungeon, watching various scenes.
  22. A strapping from a female top, two different ways: just the ass, or the ass and shoulders/back.
  23. A spanking from Michelle, from my meme spanking story.
  24. A double-bottom spanking with Isabel and Tennespankee from 3P4K.
  25. Spanking Julianna from “Julianna and the Realtor”.

That is a lot of spanking scenes to write, and each of them has at least two versions (some have several versions) that vary based on what you do earlier in the book.

Wish me luck.

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