Is it all about the hugs?

As I write the sequel to Weekend Plans, I’m remembering my experiences from TASSP, and how after almost every spanking there was at least one hug. And whenever I spank one of my regular partners, it always ends in hugs or cuddles (eventually; sometimes there’s sex as well). Which makes me wonder: is spanking all about the hugs?

(A gif of a cartoon cat asking for a hug.)

I love hugs. I love physical closeness and intimacy. Some days I’d rather cuddle than fuck. Does that mean I’m weird?

Probably not. Hugs are actually quite good for you. They lower stress and can help with depression. Plus, humans are by their nature social animals, and I think we remember the happiness and closeness of hugs from our parents and want to recreate that feeling even as we grow older.

Everyone hugs differently. Some people hold on for a long time; some people make it quick. Some people pat your back; some people squeeze you. All hugs are good.

But hugs after spankings? Those might just be the best.

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