My first audiobook is coming!

One of the nice things about Amazon is that, through their partnership with ACX, they make it pretty easy to get audiobooks made. I put several of my books onto the ACX marketplace, and the first one to get a contract for production was Lessons. It took a couple of months, but I now have the first draft of the production and I’m going through it. It takes time, and so far I’ve only reviewed eight of the twenty-one chapters (each chapter is between 13 and 22 minutes), but…


Look, I know I’m a decent writer. I can remix the alphabet into pleasing patterns that people enjoy consuming. But I always forget just how engrossing audio can be, especially when it’s my own work. (Under my other name, I have had several short-stories turned into fiction podcasts.) And the producer I chose did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to share the audiobook with you.

Just… dang.

I also have Training the Trainer out with a producer, though I haven’t heard from her lately so I don’t know what’s happening with that one, and I have an audition for Three Paddlings for Kristen to check out as well. I should probably get on that.

Meanwhile… I’m at Oasis right now, so if you want a spanking (or want to give me a spanking), come find me!

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