It’s all about the mindset

I have a friend who I’ve been spanking for… hmm… seven years now? I don’t recall the exact date we started playing, although we met about fifteen years ago. Recently she reached out and asked for a spanking, and we negotiated a time when she could come over and receive it. At that point it had been more than a year since I’d spanked her, and more than a year since she’d been spanked. (There were extenuating circumstances.)

She told me she wanted to be punished, but that she also wanted to play. I split the difference by first bending her over my desk and paddling her hard over her pants and panties, and then bringing her into my room and spanking her with my hand over her panties and on her bare bottom.

The next day, when I texted her to check in, she told me that “your play was worse than your discipline.” Objectively, she’s correct; I spanked her a lot more during play, and probably just as hard as when I was paddling her (although I used my hand for the most part, plus a few licks with the tawse and a few swats with my small paddle). But subjectively, discipline is more about the mindset than the intensity. When I was disciplining her, she was very quiet and submissive; when we were playing, she was loud and squirmy, more of a bottom than a sub. (I mean, she was still submissive to me in that moment, but it was a different mindset for me too.)

Since it had been so long, she didn’t take as much as she used to — pre-COVID, I used to put her over my lap and spank her for close to an hour (with breaks, of course; even my arm and hand can’t take that much spanking without some rest), but this time I spanked her for maybe fifteen minutes and she was bright red, with purple marks, and I had only gone at my “medium-hard” intensity, or about 70 percent of my maximum on average. (All measurements subjective.) It got the job done, but she also mentioned that she used to take a lot more.

I’m not complaining. We’ll get together more often in the future, and she’ll get back to her old form in no time. Regardless of what mindset we’re in.

(My friend’s well-spanked bottom, quite red, with purple bruises on both sides.)

(Are you at Oasis? I’m at Oasis! Find me and we can do some spanking!)

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