The Biggest Spanking Party Ever

I just got back from TASSP, and holy shit was it amazing. Not only was it the biggest spanking party ever in terms of attendees (on Saturday the organizers said that there were 500 people there that day), but it was the most amazing spanking party I’ve ever been to.

And I’m going to tell you about it.

Not all at once, but a good chunk at a time.

Let’s start with Thursday. I arrived, went out for lunch (walking in Texas’s 90-plus degree heat for a mile and then eating pho and then having to walk back to the hotel was not the best idea) and then met up with a few attendees and we played a card game. It wasn’t a spanking card game, but it was nice to get to know these gentlemen. The party officially started at four with registration, and then there was a lot of hanging out while waiting for the pizza to arrive. Thursdays are kind of low-key at TASSP (I’m told), and outside of one scene, I basically just sat around and talked to people.

The one scene was a flogging in my hotel room. One of the TASSP volunteers reached out to me after a discussion in the TASSP Discord about flogging and asked if I would be interested in flogging her. We negotiated, met in person (we actually met at TASSP in 2014 but neither of us remembered much of it), talked a bit, and then she got to my room a little after nine. She took off everything except for a clever pair of panties, made sure her hair was up, and leaned against the hotel room door (the only really good place to lean where I could get a decent swing). I used all three of my floggers, as well as scratching her back and massaging her shoulders, and we played for about an hour, until her legs started to get tired. There were hugs, and then good-nights.

I have to admit that I was a little lonely and disappointed on Thursday night. I went to TASSP to spank people, and I wasn’t doing any spanking yet. Neither were very many other people, to be fair. Also, I was a long way away from both of my partners, and I missed them. I’d just spent three straight days in their company (not at the same time), and being alone sucked.

Fortunately, Friday went a lot better. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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