TASSP, Day Two

The first spanking I actually experienced at TASSP 2022 on Friday was me bottoming to a very adept top. That’s going to get its own post. But suffice it to say I was hella sore afterward, and every time I sat down or got up it hurt.

The party had six suites booked for open play, so I found myself hanging out in one of them. A small group of people was talking about the fact that there was no spanking going on, and I could tell they were starting to set up a scene, so I joined the chat and we ended up going into one of the suite bedrooms — myself, a female top, a male switch, and a female bottom (the latter two are married). The female top took the husband, and I took the wife. We negotiated briefly (I’m going to write a longer post about negotiation at some point very soon) and I learned that spanking brings her to orgasm. I delicately asked if we should put a towel over my lap, and she agreed, so we did and then I put her over my knee and started spanking her bare bottom. (Oh, she suggested bare, by the way. I would have been fine with panties if she’d asked to keep them on.)

I love OTK hand spankings. Love them. There’s something about the intimacy of that combination of position and implement, especially on a bare bottom, that just feels right somehow. I also discovered that, at least according to the TASSP attendees, I’m very good at giving OTK hand spankings. While the husband was getting spanked with an implement (eventually on his bare backside), I just kept spanking his wife. Not hard, but firmly. She got red very quickly, which was wonderful. Eventually, after several sets, I gave her eight very hard swats (eight was her favorite number) and then we exchanged hugs. It was a super fun way to give my first spanking of the weekend.

I was still a little shy, though. I’ve always had trouble asking someone to play one-on-one, especially if I don’t know them. (At spanking parties, this is normal to do — chat a little while, ask to play, do some spanking, hug, and move on.) But later that day, while in the hospitality suite, someone was talking about how some days you don’t even want to go across town for a spanking, let alone to a party. I happened to notice a woman with a red name tag (indicating that she was a bottom) and I said to her, “are you interested in coming across the room for a spanking?” She thought that was clever and slick (in a good way), and joined me in the side bedroom for an OTK spanking with my hand on the seat of her panties. We saw each other several more times over the course of the weekend, but didn’t get a chance to play again. Still, it was a very fun spanking, for both of us.

Later that evening, after dinner, again in the hospitality suite, I met up with a woman I’ll call N. She’s getting her own post as well because we had negotiated a pretty intense scene, so I’ll talk about her later this week. After we talked for a bit and negotiated some more, I offered to spank her, and she accepted. It was another OTK hand spanking over her panties, but she was surprised by just how effective it was.

Still later, I ran into the “across the room” woman in another hospitality suite while she was talking to another bottom. I used my familiarity with the person I already spanked to sneak into their conversation, and I waited for an opportune moment to ask the new bottom if we could play. She agreed, and we went into a side bedroom. We did a brief negotiation, and she warned me that she had a very firm butt. She was not lying; my palm practically bounced off her bare skin (we started over her shorts, and then her panties, but ended up with her over my knee, bare bottom exposed). She was a heavier bottom than anyone I’d played with so far that day, and if I’d had any implements with me I would have probably used them. But I didn’t, and you have to strike while the iron is hot, so I managed with just my hand. She got some extremely hard spanks — a lot of extremely hard spanks — and overall had an enjoyable time together. I found out later that she’s all of 25 (and was the youngest person I spanked all weekend) but she knew what she liked and I liked that about her.

My hand was pretty sore after that, but I wasn’t done for the night. In a different hospitality suite, I joined a conversation with a man and two women (one blonde, one dark-haired), and it got around to spanking games. I decided to try a similar tactic from earlier in the day and asked the blonde woman, who seemed most interested in playing, if she wanted to play a spanking game. When she said yes, I said something to the effect of, “would you like a spanking without the game?” She got a chuckle out of it and agreed, and we went into the side room and negotiated. It was another OTK hand spanking on her panties (I say “another” like “le sigh” but believe me I was thrilled), but she was wearing more revealing panties than two of the three other women I’d spanked that day so I was able to get more of her skin. She also told me she was a heavier bottom, so once I warmed her up I started spanking her pretty hard. Problem was, my hand was already hurting from the previous encounter. Fortunately, one of her friends in the other room had implements with her, so I sent her to get a hairbrush. I learned that spanking her quickly makes her squirm and let out adorable noises, so of course I did that a lot, but then I realized that she was bleeding. Just a tiny bit, but it was time to stop. I cleaned off the brush, brought her a tissue, and rubbed her bottom while I waited for her to scab over. I felt bad about it, but she assured me that it was fine. We hugged and said we’d like to play again at some point during the weekend.

That was a lot of OTK hand spanking in one day. It was time for me to go to bed. My ass, by the way, was still extremely sore from that morning, and I was quite pleased by that fact.

A couple of random things:

  • I met a male bottom who runs an antique business and it turns out he thinks he has a complete copy of Mystery Mansion, one of my favorite games from when I was a kid. A random chat with a random guy, and suddenly I might have this game again. Awesome.
  • There was a flogging party at midnight on Friday night. I went with the intention of flogging someone, but it didn’t happen. I did, however, see a woman flogging three other women at the same time. Lucky all around, I think.

Tomorrow: the first time I’ve bottomed in quite a while.

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