Kami Tora: Valentine’s Day

I’ve written on a lot of my blogs over the years about my dislike of Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can read several hot takes about it with just a cursory googling. But there is one good part about it, and it’s that erotic artist Kami Tora, who has created amazing images of spanking, pegging, and cumshots, has also created images specifically for Valentine’s Day. Here’s two of them.

(Art by Kami Tora: a woman in a suit paddles a man over her knee. His pants and underwear are down, his bottom is red, he is crying, but his cock is pouring out a huge load of come.)

Some women like candy. Some women like flowers. This woman likes spanking. We are who we are, I suppose.

(Art by Kami Tora: a brunette in a tank-top and panties uses a strap-on to fuck a naked man with a red bottom. He is crying and screaming, but his restrained cock his hard and coming.)

See? She might have liked the roses, but she likes this better.

Actually, this last image reminds me of a discussion I had last year with a domme (I didn’t know she was a domme at the time). She told me she’d introduced six partners to pegging, and I joked that “pegging and I are on a first-name basis.” There are days my butt says no, but when it says yes… well, those are good days.

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate. Happy February 14, if you don’t.

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