Sometimes, your butt says yes

Sometimes, your butt says no. But sometimes, your butt says yes.

My butt said yes the weekend before last; Natalie and I had to postpone our meeting because I got covid, but I recovered from it and we were able to get together. In addition to our usual spankings, sex, and cuddles, she brought along her strapless strap-on. For whatever reason we couldn’t make it work with it attached to her (probably due to the height differential), but she held it in her hand and used it instead.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been pegged with something that large. It hurt more than I expected it to, although not exactly in a bad way. Also, apparently I couldn’t tell exactly how far it was in because I thought it was only a little bit when she said “there’s only a couple of inches left.” She asked me if I wanted them, I said yes, and zoop! in it went, to the hilt.

I felt really, really full.

I also was re-acquainted with the annoying fact that, while I like it when the toy goes in and I like it when the toy is in, I don’t like it when the toy comes out, even a little bit. That makes it hard to get my ass fucked, but I guess if I’m going to get what I like I have to deal with what I don’t. Maybe it would be different if it was an actual penis instead of a toy, but I’m thinking probably not.

Anyway, Natalie fucked my ass with the toy for a few minutes, until I decided I’d had enough. Taking it out was an extremely unpleasant sensation because that particular sensation usually only comes in the restroom and even though nothing messy happened it felt like it did, but that’s the cost of doing business if I want my ass fucked.

I’m glad my butt said yes. I look forward to it saying yes again.

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