Kami Tora 3: Collidescope Eyes

One of my favorite Kami Tora pieces is the short-story “Collidescope Eyes”. (Yes, I realize that’s not how kaleidoscope is spelled. I’m going with the way Kami Tora spelled it.) It’s about a college girl who uses spying technology to meet a college guy with an enormous cock. As I’ve posted in the past, I’ve always had a thing for seeing (or giving) massive cumshots. “Collidescope Eyes” definitely fits that bill. Here’s a few images from the story.

(Art by Kami Tora: Milo’s enormous cock spurts all over the main character’s face as she pushes two fingers into his ass.)

There’s just something about an orgasm — for me, anyway — that includes anal stimulation. It feels amazing, but also overwhelming. The last time I came this way, I flooded my partner’s mouth even more than usual.

(Art by Kami Tora: Milo comes so much in the main character’s mouth that it shoots out her nose.)

Just another shot of a massive orgasm. I don’t ever want my come to pour out of my partner’s nose, but if it happens… well, it happens.

(Art by Kami Tora: Milo’s enormous cock continues to spurt as come covers the main character’s face and pours down her body.)

This whole story is wish-fulfillment in a lot of ways, but it’s always fun to read. If you can find it, read the whole thing.

Next Friday: more Kami Tora!

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