It’s a thicc boi… but it’s not a good one

Good news first: here’s the printed version of Switching Plans:

(Two printed copies of Switching Plans, each one approximately 670 pages in length.)

I know I figured out the typesetting for this book a while back, but now that I have it in my hands and have gone through the paths, I’m starting to realize that… well… I fucked up. There was no way to fit all 420 digital “pages” in the book without it being more than 1200 printed pages, so I had to make some edits. However, what I realized was that there were way too many “only one choice” paths, where the reader was just flipping pages for the sake of flipping pages.

Welp. Back to the drawing board. Fortunately it should only take me two or three days to re-edit this book down into something around 650 pages, and hopefully I’ll do a better job this time.

Wish me luck.

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