Kami Tora 2: Men Being Spanked

Last Friday, I shared some of my favorite Kami Tora images of women being spanked. It’s only fair that I also share his images of men being spanked. There are a few that I remember very, very well from the days of Tumblr. Here they are.

(Art by Kami Tora: a young man, pants and underwear down, over a young woman’s lap. She is paddling his red bottom, and he is crying, but you can also see his arousal as he’s trapped between her stockinged thighs.)

I’ve always had a fantasy of being spanked until I came. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to happen; once the spanking gets intense enough, I stop focusing on being aroused. But I wrote about it in “As Hard As You Can” (in Butt Stuff), and I love this picture because of it.

(Art by Kami Tora: a husband over his wife’s lap, his pants and underwear down, as she spanks him with a metal spatula for hiding adult magazines in a box labeled “Power Tools”.)

I like this image for two reasons. The first is obvious — he’s getting an over-the-knee spanking with his cock trapped between his wife’s thighs. But the second is because the image makes an excellent point: the wife isn’t mad that the husband has adult material; she’s mad that he lied about it. Don’t lie about your porn, folks. Be honest. (Also — I’ve been spanked with a metal spatula. It is not fun.)

(Art by Kami Tora: two well-dressed businesswomen give a hard paddling to a naked male secretary, his bottom red, his face covered in tears, but his cock hard and spurting.)

Another fantasy of mine is to be spanked by two women simultaneously. I actually wrote it into the sequel to Weekend Plans, albeit not quite this severely. I love how Kami Tora almost always includes male arousal in scenes where men are being spanked or dominated.

More Kami Tora to come next Friday!

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