Weekend Plans 3 — a brief update

Here’s a brief update on the third Weekend Plans book.

I started writing it.

Hey, I said it was brief, right?

I wrote just over 2500 words to start out. That’s really just three pages — the introductory page, the inciting incident page, and the first “not-so-great ending” page. Unlike the second book, this one is going to have a bunch of endings — 27, to be precise. Possibly more, if I end up going in directions I haven’t planned on. But writing a book like this requires very careful planning, so the odds of deviating from the outline are rather slim.

This book only has 323 “pages” — the second book has 420 — so hopefully it doesn’t take quite as long to write. Although, to be honest, the second book poured out of me like a waterfall, so who knows?

I do think interactive novels are, in some ways, easier to write — I’ve also started one under my real name, which will be a sci-fi adventure story — because you can easily see yourself making progress. At least, you can the way I do it, because each time I finish a “page” I mark it off in a different color on my spreadsheet outline. The more blue there is, the closer I am to being done.

I haven’t written any sex scenes yet for the third book — and there are a lot of them — but I’m sure that, when I do, I’ll share at least one or two, to get your feedback. So you’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice.

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