Draft 2 of “Dreaming” and Release Date

I sent more than ten copies of Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be (which is still just the tentative title of the book) out to beta readers. I received one set of feedback, and it was annoyingly brief.

Well, fuck it. I’ve waited long enough. I finished writing the book over the summer, and it’s now fall. I turned my first draft into a second draft, went through the entire book line by line to clean up issues and fix wording problems, and now I just have to do my that-just-which-really-only-very pass to make sure I don’t overuse those words. Then it’s on to draft 3, typesetting, hiring an artist, and publishing the book.

I think it’s a good one. It’s definitely more about the characters and plot than the sex and spanking, although there’s plenty of the former and no small amount of the latter. In fact, as I reviewed some of the sex scenes, I felt a little pressure in a certain area, which tells me that I did a good job. Or, at least, I think I did a good job; you’ll have to tell me what you think when the book comes out (you can also read previews of the sex scenes by checking this tag on the blog).

The book, by the way, is currently 57,695 words without any front or end matter. That makes it just a touch longer than Lessons and Training the Trainer. I managed to do the second draft edit in about two days, but that’s probably because it used to be fan fiction and I treat my fanfic the same way I treat my original fiction: write it, edit it, get it beta read, edit it again, and publish it. So the book was already pretty polished before I rewrote it.

And you get to read it on November 18! Just one month from today, and just in time to download for your US Thanksgiving holiday travel! Cover reveal coming soon, too.

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