My New Tawse

It’s come to my attention that (unless I’m remembering incorrectly) I never got around to sharing my new tawse with you all.

(A three-fingered leather tawse.)

It looks small, but it’s actually longer than my forearm, which is (does quick measurement) 18 inches from elbow to fingertip. The fingers are 16 inches long. It’s double-layered, so not only does it hit, but it hits a second time on top of the first time. It makes a lovely swish-CRACK! noise when hitting with it. I can hit with it full-on, or I can pull my strokes and only hit with the tips of the fingers.

It’s a very fun toy. I like it a lot. And, amazingly, it only cost $29 (plus tax and shipping) on Etsy. Now, to be fair, the tips of the fingers are fraying a bit, but for $29 it’s a great first tawse. I recommend it.

So does at least one of my partners.

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