Guess what this is?

(A hand-written flowchart of paths for a new choose-your-own-adventure novel.)

Well, the alt text kind of gives it away, but what you see here is the possible flowchart for a new choose-your-own-adventure novel — a sequel to the sequel to Weekend Plans. This one is more about polyamory and emotional turmoil than it is about spanking, although there’s plenty of spanking and sex in it. It also brings back characters from the Weekend Plans sequel, characters you haven’t met yet (on the blog, anyway) who, depending on your path through the second book, either you spanked, co-topped you, or both.

Wish me luck in actually reading this sheet of paper, though; when I’m hand-writing, the words get so messy that I can barely make them out, and I was writing this flowchart so quickly that I know there’ll be things I can’t read. Amusingly, when I was editing this image in Google Photos, it offered to copy the text out of the image. Yeah, right; give it your best shot, Google. If I can’t read it, you sure as hell can’t.

I’m not certain if this is going to be the actual third Weekend Plans book, but I’m definitely leaning in that direction.

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