Two-seaters, and other fantasies

I’ve never had a threesome. I’ve come close — I did a public sensual scene with my then-wife and her then-girlfriend, where each of us took one side of my then-wife and did wonderful things to her — and I’ve co-topped a few times, but never had an official sexytimes threesome. And that’s okay. It’ll be okay if I never do.

That said, I do have a few threesome fantasies.

  • The Two-Seater: one lover sitting on my face, one lover sitting on my cock.
  • The Modified Two-Seater: one lover sitting on my face, one lover with my cock in their mouth. (I said their because while I usually have this fantasy with two women sometimes it’s with a man and a woman.)
  • The Triangle Two-Seater: one lover sitting on my face, one lover sitting on my cock, the two of them facing each other so they can make out or touch each other or whatever makes them happy.
  • Me in the Middle: me going down on a woman, while someone with a cock (either a man, or a woman with a strap-on, or a trans woman who is a penis owner) fucks me from behind. (I suppose if I ever try going down on a penis owner and enjoy it then that could be what I do with my mouth while I get fucked, but I’ve never tried it. I also know I have no desire to go down on a strap-on or dildo; if something penis-shaped is going in my mouth, it’s going to be a penis.)

I don’t usually come to my fantasies — I’m an edger, as I’ve said — and when I do masturbate to completion it’s usually while watching a video (or making one for a partner who’s requested it), but the one that I’ve come to the most is the Modified Two-Seater. I love oral sex. I’d rather give than receive, but I adore both. It figures heavily in my sex life, and in my fiction.

I’m beyond thankful that I have partners who will sit on my face. There’s a reason it features so heavily in my ballbusting stories (and other stories too). It’s my favorite sex act, in my favorite position.

Maybe someday I’ll make one of my two-seater fantasies come true. But if I never do, that’s okay. I’m more than happy with what I have.

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