Picture This

I don’t know why, but I feel more comfortable showing more intimate parts of myself on video as opposed to in still images. I’ve (consensually) sent plenty of videos of myself coming to people who wanted to see them, and I’m usually willing to edge on camera for those who request it. (Not just anyone; we have to have some sort of friendship at the very least.) But I, like most penis-owners, have taken photos of myself and looked at them critically.

I’ve sent exactly two dick pics. One was to my second wife, at her request, years and years ago. One was last week, again by request, to someone who has seen it in person — and done wonderful, wonderful things to it. I already knew she liked it, so I felt it was appropriate to send her the photo when she asked. (She also sent me a rather lovely photo featuring a lot of her freckles, so it was only fair.)

But I still felt a little awkward sending a photo of my penis. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s such a stigma around it. Maybe I just wonder what’s so great about it. Most men have them. It has a head, a shaft, all the usual bits. It’s not gigantic; it’s not small. It comes a lot — I am rather proud of how copious my orgasms are — but otherwise it’s just… y’know… it’s my dick.

I guess it’s good that I’m not comfortable sending those types of pictures. It makes it more special when I do.

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