Frolicon 2023 Recap: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

You’d think after doing five scenes in one day at Frolicon I’d be wiped out and unable to play. You’d be wrong.

I woke up at 4:30 again on Friday morning — I don’t know why; I just have trouble sleeping I guess — and eventually, after a shower, joined Partner 1 and NP1 for breakfast. NP1 is a platinum member or somesuch of the Marriott hotel chain so he scored us free breakfast, which was nice. I knew Partner 2 was coming in at some point as well, but she had to work, so it would be later in the day. And, anyway, I had things to do.

Down on the con floor, I staked out my usual spot in the writers’ area and set up my table with books, flyers, candy, and toys (including a Dick Stick). I was ready to meet people, talk to them, and get them to buy my books.

My sales table at Frolicon 2023. From left: Shell Game, Lessons, Butt Stuff, Baker's Dozen, Training the Trainer, Dreaming of How it Was Going to Be, Weekend Plans, and Switching Plans. In the front row: flyers for all of those books plus Other Options and Three Paddlings for Kristen, AASS (Atlanta Area Spanking Society) cards, a dick stick, a Lego evil stick, and a unicorn evil stick, and then a bowl of M&Ms.

Pay close attention to that unicorn stick. It becomes important later.

Wendy arrived at my table at 10:30, as we’d previously agreed; she was going to help me out by covering things while I ran a spanking party, creatively called Spanking at Frolicon! We had secured the use of the dungeon for two hours, and while it was only a third of the usual size (they closed off the rest of it because they needed the space to hold classes) we still had plenty of play space. I spanked a friend of mine to start things off, and slowly people started to play. Because it was so early, there wasn’t much in the way of attendance — I think we had a total of 75 people over the course of two hours — but everyone who wanted to play got to play (I think). I did a scene with Partner 1 on one of the massage tables, and while I spanked her, we both watched an acquaintance do a primal-style rope-and-spanking scene. I thought for a moment she had a remote-controlled vibrator between her legs, given how she was screaming and writhing, but it turned out to just be a primal thing. Anyway, Partner 1 and I played for about half an hour, and I left a few marks on her. Then, once the party was done, I went back to my table to check in — my friend from last night’s 11:30pm scene had taken over coverage — before heading back to my room with Partner 1 for some aftercare.

And by “aftercare”, I mean, she lifted my kilt and sucked my cock for a while, and then I put her on the bed and got a good, long taste of her.

We couldn’t go for too long, though, because my friend had other things to do that day, so we went back to the table and I had lunch (I’d brought sandwiches with me from home). Partner 1 staffed my table while I participated in the “Gutsy Plotting” panel with some other kinky writers, including Tantelle and Shakir Rashaan. We talked about how to take chances when plotting your story, the differences between plotters and pantsers (I’m sort of both), and other fun writing topics for an hour and a half. Then I returned to my table and hung out there for the rest of the afternoon, selling books and talking to folks. As we did last year, Lucille Yates and I sat next to each other, and I can’t thank her enough for every mention of my books she made when she was talking about her own.

Around 5:30, Partner 2 arrived with dinner, and it was the first time I’d seen her in a month — she just spent three weeks on the other side of the world, taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip — so there was lots of hugging and touching. We ate the foods and then, around 6:30, cleaned up the table and went back to the room because I needed a shower.

And then it was time for “Bedtime Stories”. If you’ve never experienced it, you need to. Trinity, who runs the writers’ track, created this event and it’s a blast. The authors at the con read a brief story (around five minutes), while volunteers from the audience act out what’s happening. The fun part is that the actors have absolutely no idea what the writers are about to say. It’s fucking hilarious, and we have a packed house every year. I read one of my upcoming holiday stories, “National Attitude Day” (which will be published in June 2024), a straightforward punishment spanking scene that, while not intentionally funny, still was enjoyed by all of the attendees, thanks mostly to the wonderful volunteer actors who were emotive, expressive, and physical. After me, Tantelle performed one of her stories, and longtime Bedtime Stories volunteer “PK” acted as the “damsel in distress”, going so far as to take off all of his clothes (it was part of the scene). Partner 2 was at the event, and she got a very intimate look at PK’s naughty bits because of where she was sitting, which I don’t think she expected, but she still had a great time. The highlight, though, was the ten-year anniversary of the story “T-Rex Fisting Party” by Kiernan Kelly. She brought dinosaur hats for the volunteers to wear, and one of the actors playing the dinosaurs was one of the women who’d performed in the scene ten years prior. (Also, funny story: “T-Rex Fisting Party” was first performed at my very first Frolicon, and at the time Kiernan didn’t read her own work, so my then-girlfriend took on the role of the narrator, and she had no idea what she was getting into, which added to the hilarity.) It was a great story to end with.

Then it was time for another impact scene. I have this friend (who I met through my 11:30pm scene friend from Thursday night) and we played back in February. We’re both busy and it’s hard to get together, but we’d planned for Frolicon. She wanted a hard scene, one that left marks, and while we waited in line for the dungeon, she told me others had asked to do impact with her but she was saving herself for me, which was really sweet. The dungeon was super-packed, but we found a place — a portable work table — and she got half-naked so we could get to work. I spanked her with pretty much everything I had — my hand, paddles, canes, floggers, the Dick Stick — and left a ton of marks. Her thighs were fair game, so I hit them with the cane and the wooden spoon as well, and red marks rose up almost instantly when I used the latter. We finished with the scene-ender (as you do) and she took six swats before we were done. She was loopy and happy by the end. Oh, and also, when we took a break to check in, she confided in me that “this never happens to me, but I am dripping,” which was immensely gratifying. (Apparently I have that effect on people.) We didn’t act on it, because we don’t have that kind of relationship — not that I don’t find her attractive and interesting, because I do, but it’s never been something either of us have shown much interest in.

After that scene, I went back to the room with Partner 2, and we got undressed for bed. It had been a long time since her last spanking, and she was more than ready. Partner 2 is the one I’ve mentioned in the past who is a light player, so it worked out that she was on the correct side of the bed for me to use my left hand to spank her. I still got her with a few hard swats (hard for her, anyway), but for the most part it was just a long, fun spanking that left her squirming and soaked. I helped her out with that too, and she had a long, powerful orgasm. We were both pretty tired when it was over — it was 12:30 in the morning by then — so we decided to go to bed. She apologized for not being able to reciprocate, but if I’m honest I probably wouldn’t have been up for receiving anything by that point.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 6:00 (late for me, apparently) and we stayed in bed for a while until we could join Partner 1 and NP1 for breakfast. My partners started planning out what they wanted to do that night (I believe there was some discussion about making me a two-seater that never came to fruition), and then we went down to set up my table. Partner 2 held down the fort while I ran the “Writing BDSM: Reality vs Fantasy” panel. We talked about SSC, RACK, and PRICK, as well as what responsibility kinky writers have to their readers when it comes to education vs entertainment. I was with Tantelle and Shakir again, and while the three of us are all very different people we were all able to provide great perspectives to our audience.

Then it was back to the table, where both of my partners were. I hung out for a bit, hugged some people I knew, sold some books, and then Partner 2 went to take a nap while Partner 1 went to a private event. I generally enjoy myself when I’m at my table, even when I’m not making sales, but I did sell quite a bit on Saturday, so that was nice. I also talked to A, the woman I made out with on Thursday; she and her nesting partner dropped by, and when she saw the unicorn on the table, she absolutely had to feel it. She told me to hit her somewhere the mark would be visible, and she chose her left breast. This is the result:

A woman's left breast with a red mark in the shape of a unicorn on it. The woman is wearing a corset and her short nails are painted purple.

I swear A was about to cry when I hit her, but I had warned her that it was going to hurt, and she had consented.

Partner 2 came back with my lunch, and after lunch (and after we helped a friend of mine with a scavenger hunt by getting our picture taken while kissing her ass) I went to participate in the “Write What You Don’t Know” panel. In previous years this one has been more about how to research and learn about things you don’t know, but this year the moderator turned it into more of a “writing the other” panel, which was very interesting. This panel had the most attendees out of any that I’d been on, including a reader of mine (you know who you are) who later asked if I wanted to do an impact scene with her. I did, but I didn’t have the time because my Saturday night was already completely booked; fortunately, she only lives an hour and a half away so we can get together another time and not have to wait for next Frolicon.

Partners 1 and 2, NP1, Partner 2’s friend, and I went out to dinner after that (while we waited, we bumped into A again, and the mark was still vividly red and visible), and then returned to the hotel for showers. The plan was for Partner 2 to spend the evening with NP1 while Partner 1 and I spent the evening together, and while things didn’t go precisely as planned, we all still had a great time. I don’t know exactly what Partner 2 and NP1 got up to, but I have a hunch, and both Partner 1 and I were full of compersion for them.

What did Partner 1 and I do? Well, we started with an impact scene in my room, and then after some cuddles decided to go to the “Oral Odyssey” party being hosted by an acquaintance of ours. We’d secured passes (they weren’t necessary but they allowed you to jump the line) and after I changed into a kilt and my two-seater t-shirt we went up to check it out. The party was at the end of a hallway, in two connected rooms. Our acquaintance welcomed us in and right there, in front of us, someone was doing a face-fucking scene. Well, okay, I guess they weren’t kidding about oral. In fact, in that first room there were four different oral sex scenes happening. Next door, there was a side room with three more, and in the back of the second suite another two happening.

I’ve gone down on Partner 1 in public before — once, on the night 1763 closed — and she had no problems with it happening again, so once a spot became available, I knelt in front of her and proceeded to make her come, and come, and come, and come. All I remember is the sounds of oral sex happening all around us, loud music, and her moans of pleasure.

Then it was my turn. I’ve never had sex in public before; the only time I’ve ever done it in front of anyone was at a recent play party, and there were only about a dozen people there total, most of whom weren’t even watching. The whole point of the Oral Odyssey was to have oral sex in public, though, and if you can’t stretch your limits at Frolicon, where can you? So, when a massage table became available, I leaned against it while Partner 1 went down on me. I didn’t last a terribly long time — the thrill of public sex, plus knowing what was happening right next to me (another blowjob), had me pretty turned-on. I did, however, open my eyes at one point to see one of the party organizers, a former co-worker (from ten years ago), looking in. I know it was his job to make sure the party was going well and everyone was observing consent, but meeting his eyes and getting a smile and nod was… well, it was a little weird, to be honest. Not so weird that I didn’t still come in Partner 1’s mouth (she managed to swallow every drop this time) but still. Weird.

We then went into the back room to get some water, and there we found Anita Tool, who touched my butt last year. She was touching butts again this year, and apparently there was a side quest, because I got to touch her butt too (and give her a couple of swats).

The lanyard for my Frolicon badge with two buttons on it. Top: "I touched Anita Tool's Butt!!!"; Bottom: "Anita Tool touched my butt -- I was #241!"

I was, as previously mentioned, wearing a kilt, so she got to go under it, much to her delight. Her bottom was not bare, but I still enjoyed touching it.

Eventually Partner 1 and I decided we’d had enough of the loud music at the party, so we headed back to my room by way of her room (where Partner 2 and NP1 were) to confirm who was sleeping where. Back in my bed, Partner 1 and I talked for a while before finally going to sleep, and apparently I passed out quickly.

On Sunday morning I managed to sleep until eight. We had breakfast, and I bumped into A again — the mark was still visible, although the unicorn’s mane had faded a bit so it looked more like a knight in chess than a unicorn. Still, not unhappy about that. I went to one final panel (a writers’ wrap-up), hugged a friend who I didn’t get to play with this year (alas), took one more look through the vendors’ room, and then headed for home. While waiting in line for my car, my two acquaintances who ran the Oral Odyssey party appeared, and things were not weird at all. I mean, yeah, they’d seen me get head less than 24 hours previously, but we were all adults about it. I mean, they knew what they were doing, creating a party like that, and they knew that if they gave me a pass the odds were good I’d show up and participate. I’m pretty sure all the discomfort is on my part, but I’m going to be a grown-up about it.

So there you have it: Frolicon 2023. An awesome experience. I recommend it to everyone.

One thing, though — they sold out (all 2200 slots) on Friday morning, so folks who had planned to buy a badge at the door were out of luck (and most of them were pissed). Next year, buy your badges before you go. Trust me on this. You don’t want to miss out. Oh, and the hotel sold out too (all 763 rooms), as did the overflow hotel, so book your room early. You don’t want to miss this event.

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