A few weeks ago, I did something I’d never done before: my family went on vacation with one of my poly partners and her family. Three adults, three children, two suites at a resort, one long weekend together. The only thing missing was my dog, but even she got a little vacation of her own at a pet resort.

It really was just good timing that made this whole thing work out. My partner happened to be in Florida the same time I was in Florida, and my parents happened to have a timeshare they weren’t using at the time, and we happened to be able to meet for a few days. The kids got a suite and the adults got a suite, and they weren’t adjoining, so we didn’t have to worry about not making noise.

Initially I had thought me and my metamour would be sleeping in different beds, but my partner disabused me of that notion. After all, the room had a king-sized bed, and we all fit in it with room to spare — and none of us are small people (well, one of us is small in height).

No, we didn’t have a threesome. I’m sure it could have happened if any one of us had made an effort to do so, but I was too timid to suggest it, and anyway having a threesome isn’t exactly on my bucket list (unless it involves me being a two-seater). My metamour and I each had sex with our partner twice, and I gave her a nice spanking on the night we arrived while he did some gaming in the other room. The sex was great, as always.

We went to the pool and the beach as a threesome. No one looked askance, although it’s not unheard of for three friends of different sexes to hang out. But we also went to lunch with my parents, and even though my partner arrived and departed with my metamour, she sat with me, we held hands, and we kissed each other goodbye. While my parents know I’m polyamorous, this was the first time they were directly confronted with it. So far, as I write this, they haven’t said anything, and I honestly don’t think they’re going to.

I’m writing this on the Saturday after the vacation ended. I have to go back to work in two days. I don’t want to. I’d much rather be hanging out at the resort, playing games, eating too much, sleeping in a shared bed, and relaxing. The only thing that differentiated the polycation from a regular vacation was that I was there with a metamour as well as a partner.

I’d call it a success, overall. I guess we should plan to do it again sometime.

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