Three Paddlings for Kristen comes out July 1

Holy crap, that’s this coming Friday, isn’t it? Just four days away, right?

Yes. It is. (I knew that. I was just trying to artificially drum up some excitement. How’d I do?) And you can preorder your copy right now, if you like.

Not sure if you’ll like the novella? Well, here are some scenes from it that might help you decide:

Plus, if you enjoyed “Reunion” in Baker’s Dozen or any part of Weekend Plans, you get a chance in the novella to catch up with characters from those stories as part of my Spanking Connected Universe. (And if you haven’t read those, it’s not a big deal; you don’t have to know what happened in them to enjoy the novella. It’s really just fun easter eggs for me. And you, I suppose.)

Anyway, Kristen is coming this Friday. Preorders help smaller authors (like me) move up in the mysterious Amazon algorithm, so if you can help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

Oh, and I also have the novella out on ACX for auditions, so I’m hopeful to have an audio version soon. I’ll let you know when that happens.

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