The “Spanking Connected Universe” is growing

Sometimes when I write a story and I need characters for brief scenes I’ll bring in folks from other stories. My sorority girl story features characters from both Baker’s Dozen (“Reunion”) and Weekend Plans. I also included the couple from Weekend Plans in “Julianna and the Realtor”. I’m betting they’ll also show up in the Lizzie stories, which occur in the same city as Training the Trainer, Weekend Plans, and Detective Daddy. Detective Daddy, in the later stories, brings in a character from the novella Four Days, which appears in Butt Stuff, although in that case he’s more of a main character than a throwaway. Flashes of Me and You, my eventually-forthcoming flash fiction collection, features the twin sister of one of the main characters of “Baker’s Dozen” (the short-story in the collection of the same name). In my heart Other Options and Lessons are set on the same planet in the same time period, although in very different parts of the world. And my on-again-off-again domestic discipline novel also includes characters from Detective Daddy and Baker’s Dozen (“The Truth About Annie”).

I guess you could say I’m creating a “Spanking Connected Universe”, or SCU. I suppose, after I publish enough stories, I could do a sort of Avengers of spanking, bringing everyone together to save the world using implements and bare bottoms, but we’re a bit far away from that yet. I guess everyone could show up to Frolicon — which is basically what happens in the domestic discipline novel — and have a sort of room party together that turns into an orgy. I’ve never written an orgy before; I can’t imagine it’s very easy to keep track of everyone. But I bet it would be fun to try.

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