Dreaming of Lily getting spanked

The countdown to Kristen continues: Three Paddlings for Kristen comes out this Friday, July 1 — that’s just three days away! Preorder your copy now!

While you wait, here’s another snippet of my in-progress fanfic-to-novel project. It’s an actual spanking scene this time.

Lily had flipped on the television in the bedroom to hear the headlines while she and Celeste got ready for bed. In the entertainment segment, there was something about Maribel Quinn getting caught doing something or other — Celeste really hadn’t been listening. “That girl needs a spanking,” Lily said.

“Hmm?” Celeste had exchanged her scrubs for a black tank-top and matching cotton panties, and she had just finished brushing out her hair.

“Maribel. She needs a spanking. Maybe then she’ll stay out of the news.”

Celeste shrugged.

“It’s probably how I stay out of the news,” Lily said, toeing the hardwood floor of their bedroom. When Celeste looked up, she saw that Lily’s face was pink, as was her neck, all the way down to the collar of her long t-shirt. “It’s been a while. Can I…” She swallowed hard. “Can I have a spanking, please?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Celeste took her hairbrush with her as she went over to the bed and sat on it, legs apart. “Come here.”

Lily nodded and walked over, her steps small and light. When she was close enough, Celeste hugged her and nuzzled her through her t-shirt. 

“I’m sorry I let it go so long,” Celeste said. “We’ve been busy, and–“

“It’s okay, baby. I know I could have asked any time.”

Celeste nodded. “Always.” She ran her palms up the sides of Lily’s legs; there was nothing under the t-shirt. “Oh, you must need it bad.”

“I do.”

Celeste pulled Lily gently over her left thigh and pulled up her shirt, exposing Lily’s bare backside. “So pretty,” she murmured, caressing her ass.

Then she started smacking her. Not hard, not at first; she wanted to warm Lily up. She peppered Lily’s bottom with light slaps, and then went over them more firmly, turning Lily’s bottom from pale to pink. Lily, for her part, squirmed a little but just settled in for the spanking; Celeste knew she got more than just arousal out of it — Lily actually enjoyed the warmth and the sensation independent of the sexual aspect. And that just turned Celeste on even more.

Maribel Quinn is an actor who went to high school with Lily. She was one of the “mean girls”.

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