Lily and Celeste get cleaned up

The countdown to Kristen continues: Three Paddlings for Kristen comes out this Friday, July 1 — that’s just two days away! Preorder your copy now!

And now, on with today’s blog entry…

I promise there are other characters who’ll have sex in the fanfic-to-novel project. It will happen. You have my word. But I just put in the fifth chapter, and once again it’s Lily the CTO and Celeste the veterinarian getting it on. Enjoy.

Lily had an idea. She stepped out of the shower, not bothering to dry off, and walked carefully across the rough Spanish tile of the bathroom floor. Celeste’s eyes opened wide when she felt the water rise. “Hi, baby,” Lily said, sliding in across from Celeste. She adjusted her position until her legs rested atop Celeste’s, her backside between her wife’s feet. “You looked so relaxed that I thought I’d join you.”

Celeste’s hand found Lily’s left foot; her thumb pressed Lily’s arch, and Lily shivered. “I won’t get much relaxing done with you in here.”

“Nope.” Lily poked Celeste’s side with her toes. Celeste squirmed and grinned, and then reached for Lily’s other foot and held her by her ankles. Celeste was definitely the stronger of the two, though Lily wasn’t going to fight her. She liked when Celeste held her like this. “I didn’t think you’d shower with me, so I made the best of things.”

Celeste hummed a noncommittal response and moved her hands up higher on Lily’s legs, leaning forward so she could pull her closer. Lily obliged — like she would ever say no to her in the first place — and soon found herself straddling Celeste’s lap. She leaned down and kissed her, gently at first, letting Celeste set the pace.

Celeste found Lily’s thigh and squeezed. Hard.

Lily groaned into the kiss and pressed her body against Celeste’s soft stomach. She liked this pace.

A lot.

With a splash, Celeste turned them around so she was on top, kneeling between Lily’s thighs. Lily surrendered to her, allowing her to hold her by the roots of her still-wet hair; Celeste didn’t pull her hair often, so when she did do it it was a special kind of electricity that zapped straight down between Lily’s legs. Lily moaned into Celeste’s mouth and caressed her wife’s tongue with her own.

Celeste broke the kiss. “I think I’m awake now.”

“Oh?” Lily quirked an eyebrow.

“Oh. Now get up on the edge of the tub.”

Who was Lily to argue with that? The tub had a gentle slope and a wide shelf where it met the bathroom wall, which was done up in the same stone tile as the tub, shower, and floor. It was cool when Lily’s back met it, but she didn’t much care; Celeste dipped her head and dove in, practically attacking Lily with her mouth and lips and tongue. It was delightful; Celeste could be such an enthusiastic lover when she wanted to be, her hunger adding spice to her actions. And today Celeste was very hungry, hungry enough that it didn’t take long for Lily to reach her peak. She came hard against Celeste’s mouth, and came again when Celeste slipped a finger inside her and pressed hard on her g-spot. “Baby!” she cried.

Celeste laughed softly and continued her work — Lily knew her wife didn’t consider it work, but she was working, all right, working Lily into a frenzy, until she lost count of how many orgasms she’d had.

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