Lily and Celeste Again

The countdown to Kristen continues: Three Paddlings for Kristen comes out this Friday, July 1 — that’s tomorrow! Preorder your copy now!

Although there are other main characters in my fanfic-to-novel project, Lily and Celeste are the primary ones in the first few chapters, so they’re the ones having all the sex. I’m a little concerned that some of the sex scenes will feel shoehorned in, but hopefully I’ve written the story well enough that they flow all right.

Once they got to the bed, though, the re-enactment stopped. Because as much fun as it was to play, Lily and Celeste had been lovers for a long time. There really was no point in pretending they’d never slept together before. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as Lily pulling Celeste’s nightgown over her head and pushing her gently onto the bed. She straddled Celeste’s hips and unbuttoned her top, tossing it aside and then leaning down to kiss her wife thoroughly. Even through their clothes, Lily felt the heat of Celeste’s body. “I want you, baby,” she said.

“I know.” Their lips were still close together; Celeste’s brushed Lily’s when she spoke. “I want you too. Always.”

Lily smiled and scooted down a bit so she could nuzzle Celeste’s breasts. Her wife had such generously soft curves, and sometimes Lily wished she had a figure like hers. Instead she had to settle for drinking her in, scent and taste and touch and sight, and revel in the sweet sounds Celeste made as she arched her back, pressing her hips up against Lily’s fingers. Lily felt Celeste’s wetness through the cotton and she smiled again, drawing Celeste’s nipple into her mouth even as she teased her wife with subtle touches.

Celeste’s hands found Lily’s hair and pulled her closer against her chest. “Don’t make me wait, sweetie.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” Lily adjusted her hand and slipped her fingers through the soft hair beneath Celeste’s panties, unerringly finding her wife’s clit, which was already slippery. “Oh, you are ready for me, aren’t you?”

“So ready,” Celeste breathed. “Please, touch me.”

It was easy enough for Lily to slide two fingers into Celeste, who sighed and shuddered. At that point, they stopped talking, and Lily focused on Celeste’s pleasure, which rose quickly.

Almost too quickly.

“What is it?” Celeste asked, almost gasping for air.

“I want you on top.”

It took a little rearranging, and Celeste taking off her panties, but soon Lily was on her back and Celeste was kneeling on either side of her head. She lowered herself to Lily’s mouth, and Lily’s arms went around Celeste’s thighs, holding her tight.

Some things made Celeste gush when she came. Grinding on Lily’s face, her tongue inside her or her lips on her clit, definitely did it. Lily loved feeling Celeste’s weight on top of her like this, even though when Celeste came there was a drowning risk associated with it. But Lily accepted the risk, and held her breath as needed, and if they had to change the sheets after they were done, it was all worth it.

I have been almost drowned before in that position. It’s definitely worth the risk. Trust me.

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