And now, a brief flogging

The sorority girl story continues. In Chapter Two, she meets up with a regular spanking partner. Here’s a brief preview.

Rich stepped away and she heard him pick up the floggers. Kristen closed her eyes and listened for the sound of them whipping through the air, and then suppressed a shiver as the suede falls of the flogger started brushing against her shoulders. She’d seen him practice with them, and was impressed by how he could move them at the same time in different patterns, but when he was using them on her, all she could focus on was the sensation and the repeated thwipthwipthwip noise as they hit her. It was like a massage, almost, and even when he started doing it harder she still found herself relaxing into it.

After a minute or so — Kristen really couldn’t keep track of the time, nor did she care to — she felt the floggers kiss her spine ever-so-gently as they made their way down to her ass. She adjusted her position, feet shoulder-width apart, back arched, presenting her backside to Rich so he could flog her there too. He increased the speed and she felt her ass start to warm just a little bit. She liked this kind of a warm-up better than just going over his knee, and she had a moment to wish she had someone who was as talented as Rich but who she was also attracted to, because she was pretty sure this would arouse her if she let it.

Rich flogged Kristen’s ass and upper thighs for a while before returning to her shoulders. He paused, and then started flogging her with only one of them, harder strokes that felt like thumps and thuds where he hit. Her shoulders relaxed even more and she let him go on for as long as he wanted. She had no idea if it was two minutes or five or even ten; when he stopped, her shoulders were tingling and, as she removed her hands from the restraints, her arms almost flopped to her sides. “Thank you,” she said, turning to him and leaning against the door. “That felt great.”

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