Thirteen Chapters Later

It took thirteen chapters and more than 38,000 words, but I’ve finally finished telling the story of the sorority girl who got paddled for sending a private message and then went to her very first spanking party to participate in Spanking Court, to try to get justice against her disciplinarian.

I miss spanking parties; I haven’t been to that many, and with the pandemic it’s been impossible to attend any events. But with the vaccine reaching more people, events and parties are starting to get scheduled again. I’m looking forward to going again.

But in the meantime, I had a lot of fun writing Kristen’s introduction to the party scene, and including characters from my Spanking Connected Universe. Now it’s time to let the story sit and gather a little dust on the shelf before coming back to it to do the second draft. In the meantime, here’s one final excerpt for you to enjoy.

“You’re still pretty bruised.” 

“Add to it?”

Jack laughed, but he smacked Kristen’s ass all the same. She let out a happy little “ooh” sound; he laughed again and started to spank her. It was with his left hand, which she’d thought wouldn’t be as hard since it wasn’t his dominant hand, but apparently he practiced with both because he was spanking her just as hard as he’d done last night. Without the warm-up, it hurt more than she wanted, but she wasn’t going to complain: she was getting spanked by a guy she liked, and afterward she was going to fuck him again. He was clearly enjoying it; she could feel his erection against her side.

The thing was, if Jack even knew he was hard, he didn’t seem to care; he was focused solely on spanking Kristen, on turning her backside bright-red yet again. She could already feel the heat, and when he dropped his aim lower and slapped her bruises, she yelped and squirmed. That just got him to put his other hand between her shoulder blades, and he exerted just enough pressure to hold her there, which in and of itself was pretty hot. She felt herself grow slick and slippery just from that touch, and she pushed her hips down against Jack’s thigh, opening her legs as she did so.

“Is there something you want?” he asked, keeping his tone mild.

She let out a small moan, which Jack responded to with a hard slap to the top of her right thigh, and then one on the left side. “Ow!”

“I know what you’re doing,” he said, going back to spanking her ass, “and it’s not going to happen. Not until I’m ready.” He pushed again with his right hand and she raised her ass up to meet the next smack. “You can do that all you want, though.”

Kristen liked the confidence in Jack’s voice — he wasn’t being snappy or snarky, and he wasn’t even speaking loudly; it was a quiet confidence, one that told her he was going to do what he wanted, and that was that. Well, if he wanted to spank her, she would let him spank her until his hand fell off, if that was what it took.

That turned out to not be necessary, though; the next time Kristen lifted her backside, Jack turned a spank into a soft cupping motion between her legs, which brought out a louder moan. “Yes, please,” she said.

He flicked his wrist, slapping between her thighs, and she jumped.

Another quick, sharp slap, and she grunted; he was just barely missing her clit, and she was sure he was doing it on purpose. She decided to make it easier for him; she lifted herself up on her knees, opening her legs wider, but that only brought a harder slap, one that actually hurt. “What are you doing?”

“What does it feel like I’m doing?” Without warning, he pushed his finger into her to the hilt and she shuddered and groaned loudly. He pressed down against her g-spot and she felt her whole body quiver, but before she could focus too much on it, he was spanking her again. She lost her balance and slipped forward, her backside pointing straight up, which gave Jack a better angle to spank her thighs. He was doing it just as hard as he’d been spanking her ass, and it hurt — a lot. Her thighs didn’t get a lot of attention when it came to spanking, but Jack was focusing on them now, and she knew they were going to get red very quickly. She squirmed harder, trying to move her ass down, get him to target that, but he just kept smacking the backs of her thighs until she finally gave in, slumping down, grabbing the comforter in both fists and holding on tight.

Which was apparently all Jack needed to see to nudge her legs apart and find her g-spot again. “Fuck,” she whispered. “Please, Jack… please…”

“Not yet.”

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