Dreaming of Lily and Celeste

You might recall recently that I talked about a fan fiction story that I’m turning into a spanking novel. I’ve had to go back and, among other things, write sex scenes that didn’t exist in the original. Here’s one between two of our main characters, Lily and Celeste.

It was so sexy when Lily did what she was told; when they did role-play, Celeste was always the dominant one, and Lily loved giving up control, allowing her wife to make all the decisions. Celeste supposed it had something to do with her having such a high-powered job; if she had to be in charge all the time, it was probably nice to let someone else take over.

And take over she did, lowering her mouth between Lily’s thighs and drawing her tongue over her clit in a long, slow stroke that made Lily’s back arch. She reached back to grab hold of the chair even as Celeste spread Lily’s thighs wider. Her wife opened like a flower, pink and glistening, and Celeste greedily licked her way along the petals, tasting Lily’s arousal. Celeste had only ever been with women, and Lily’s flavor was probably the mildest of any of her intimate partners. She wouldn’t call it sweet, wouldn’t call it sharp; it was just Lily, her Lily, her gorgeous, intelligent, kind Lily that she loved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Celeste showed her just how much she loved her then, kissing and licking and touching, until Lily cried out and came, thighs going tense and firm under Celeste’s hands. She tasted every bit of Lily, until she was shivering, and then got to her feet and pulled her wife into her arms. Lily clutched her tightly. “How… how do you do that to me?”

Celeste felt herself smile. “It’s all you, sweetie. It’s all you.” She walked them to the bed and sat down, legs apart, Lily standing weak-kneed between them. “Now then… since we have a nice long drive tomorrow, I think someone should have a sore bottom for it.”

Lily blushed again. Celeste had introduced her wife to spanking back when they were in college, and while Lily did like it — a lot — just hearing the words filled her with anticipation and embarrassment in equal measure. 

Celeste pulled Lily over her left thigh and pushed her nightgown up, baring her backside. Lily was generally slender, though she had hips, and her bottom was soft under Celeste’s right palm. “Ask me for your spanking, my love.”

She always made Lily do this; she knew it made her squirm uncontrollably, and turned her on just as much. Lily’s voice was small — she always had to force the words out. But she managed it. “Please spank me, baby.”

So Celeste did.

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