Grace gets double-teamed

And now, following up on the snippet I posted last Tuesday, here’s Grace getting fucked by two cocks at the same time. To be fair, one of them isn’t attached, but hey, it’s still double-teaming.

It started with Grace riding Corinne’s strap-on, grinding herself against the base of it to get more sensation in her clit. Corinne pulled her forward, until Grace’s body covered Corinne’s — Grace was taller and much curvier — and then, to her surprise, Grace felt Brian’s hands on her ass, spreading her open. His tongue found her, and she whimpered with pleasure; until Brian, no one had ever fucked her ass with their tongue, and it was a unique sensation as he teased the rim before pushing his way inside. Grace came hard on the toy, Corinne holding her tight, and then Brian pulled away. Grace felt his fingers in her ass, getting her slick, and then the large, blunt head of his cock against her opening.

The phrase “double-teamed” never entered her mind, even though that’s what was happening. Brian’s big, thick cock forced its way into her ass, which was even tighter than usual with Corinne’s toy already inside her, and it hurt, hurt enough to bring tears to her eyes. She could always use a safeword if she needed one, but on the edge of the pain was the promise of pleasure.

Brian didn’t believe in mercy when he was taking Grace’s ass; he never went easy on her. This time was no different. She’d never felt pain like this, never felt as tight or as full once he was buried to the hilt.

Corinne shifted her hips. The strap-on hit Grace’s g-spot.

The pain became joy and she came so hard that she was surprised she didn’t break off both the toy and Brian’s cock. He actually grunted with surprise, not that Grace could hear it with the fireworks going off in her head.

And then they both fucked her.

If you want to get to know Grace, Brian, and Corinne a little better, pick up Training the Trainer.

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