Famous Butts

I have spanked three famous butts (that I know of). And do you know what I learned?

Their butts take spankings exactly the same as anyone else’s does.

The first time was in 2013. At the time, she wasn’t famous, but over the years, as we got closer, she did some professional spanking videos. Her butt was firm and soft at the same time, and it got beautifully red when I spanked it.

The second time was in 2014. At the time, I didn’t know she was famous, but years later I read about her and I was like “hey, I spanked her!” It was just your basic OTK hand spanking, but it was fun; it was at a “Spanky Hawkins” event at TASSP — that’s where the bottoms approach the tops and ask for spankings, but the tops aren’t allowed to approach the bottoms and ask to spank them — and it was a costume party. I was dressed as Captain Hammer, and this famous person came right up to me and said she had to be spanked by me.

The third time was in 2019. She hadn’t done anything professional in years, but she knew a friend of mine, and that friend introduced us, and we played several times over the course of the final Crimson Moon party. This included a fairly severe hairbrush spanking that made her cry (which was what she wanted). Her bottom was very, very bruised afterward. I have pictures, and I look at them occasionally, but I’m not sharing them here because I don’t have her consent. They’re just for the two of us.

What did all three of these people have in common besides being famous? Simple: once the scene started, they were the bottom and I was the top. They were getting spanked, and I was doing the spanking. It didn’t matter that they were famous, that there was professional video out there of them being spanked, that they had been spanked by “better” (or at least better-known) spankers than me. We had a good time together, and we all got what we needed and wanted out of the scene, and when you get right down to it, that’s what matters.

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