A Bedtime Spanking Story

As part of my holiday stories, I’ve written a bedtime spanking story that will be in the March collection. Here’s a bit of it, for your enjoyment:

Once Morgan’s bottom was bared, Charlie patted his left thigh. She bent over, putting her weight on his leg, her upper body on the bed and her lower half between his legs, her bottom raised and vulnerable.

Even this wasn’t the awkward moment. Morgan knew that would come later.

But Charlie did press gently on the base of the plug, making Morgan squirm. “I see someone got in trouble today.”

“Yes, sir. I forgot to text Arielle when I stopped.”

“She told me. I offered to punish you for it, but she said she had something else in mind.” He tapped the plug once more. “I approve.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Charlie patted Morgan’s bare backside. “You’re here for a bedtime spanking, though. And why do we have bedtime spankings?”

“To remind me to behave, and so I know what will happen if I don’t.”

“Very good.” He rubbed her right cheek. “So you know this spanking will hurt just as much as a regular one.”

“I know, sir.” And it should — all spankings should hurt, in Morgan’s mind. 

“And you’re going to be a good little girl while I spank you?”

“Very good, sir.”

“Glad to hear it.”

Then Charlie started to spank Morgan. Even though it was just with his hand, he was spanking her pretty firmly, and she felt her bottom warm up after only a dozen or so swats. It wasn’t a fast spanking, but it wasn’t slow either — maybe one swat every second-and-a-half. Her backside was full and soft, and there was plenty of it to spank. As he spanked, he continued telling her that he needed her to be a good girl, that if she was bad she would get spanked harder, that she was very naughty already, that it must feel strange to have a plug in while getting spanked. Honestly, it had only felt strange the first time; now it was just rather nice, and her bottom wasn’t the only thing warming up. Not that she’d ever act on it with Charlie — she was monogamous, and he wasn’t a woman — but she appreciated the tingling and heat between her thighs as her arousal grew. She figured she’d get aroused from being spanked regardless — she had the last couple of times Charlie had spanked her — but the plug just made it more intense as it shifted and jumped with each swat.

I’m sure this doesn’t need saying, but “little girl” is a nickname; Morgan in this story is a legal adult.

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