Back Cover Copy for SWITCHING PLANS

Here’s what’s going on the back cover of Switching Plans:

JJ Rose, author of WEEKEND PLANS, returns with an all-new interactive story that sends you to a weekend-long spanking party!

Things have been pretty great for Shawn Wilson since the events of Weekend Plans. He reconciled with his girlfriend Julie and they moved in together, and they even go to munches and spanking parties as a couple. But Julie has to work during the next party, and she wants Shawn to go on his own and have a good time.

Shawn, meanwhile, is starting to realize he hasn’t bottomed in a while, and a spanking party would be a great place to do that. Will he switch, though? Or will he stick to what he knows best and only give spankings? And if he does end up on the receiving end, will he overcome his nerves and visit Mistress Sasha?

The only person who can answer these questions is you. Join Shawn on his weekend adventure and help him decide just what he wants to do. But one thing’s for certain: someone’s going home with a sore backside.

Who’s it going to be?

I also got a nice blurb from my friend Shon Richards, author of several interactive stories of his own:

“This book does a great job of recreating the kink convention experience. It also has a plethora of great spanking scenes.” -Shon Richards, author of Nymphopocalypse! Escape the Office Building

I’m still working on exactly when I want to release the book, but I assure you it’ll be before May 1, because I want to have it ready to share at Frolicon (which is May 4-7). Trust me, as soon as I know, you’ll know too.

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