It’s official: the sequel to Weekend Plans has a name: Switching Plans. And here’s the awesome cover:

(The cover of Switching Plans. The cover model is a Black woman with long, dark-magenta hair. Her eyes are looking down.)

Pretty great, right? Basically what we did was we took the PSD file from Weekend Plans, created by Notobella Designs, and then the artist who did the cover of Training the Trainer (who also happens to be one of my partners) adjusted the color palette and updated the model.

Why did I choose a Black woman to be on the cover, when the main character is a white man? Because all the paths you’ll take in the book, you’ll come across Mistress Sasha, a Black woman, and I think she’s important enough to the story to make it to the cover.

The goal for future interactive novels is to adjust the palette across the rainbow — green for the third book, yellow (probably) for the fourth, orange for the fifth, red for the sixth, and I guess if I make it to seven I’ll go with black or gray. But given that I’m focusing on the holiday stories right now, I’ve put the third interactive novel on the shelf for a while. I’ll come back to it, I’m sure, but for now I have other things in mind.

Anyway, that’s the cover for Switching Plans. Release date and more information coming soon!

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