Holiday Stories: January Recap

I actually finished writing the January collection of holiday stories (well, the first draft) on December 2 of last year, but I figured I’d wait until today to post the recap, since today is January 31. My goal is to publish these collections, one per month, throughout all of 2024.

Here’s what’s in the January collection, which is just over 40,000 words long:

  • Anal sex.
  • Analingus.
  • Facesitting.
  • Facials.
  • Female masturbation.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Handjobs.
  • Male masturbation.
  • Men (cis and trans*) spanking women.
  • My first hearing-impaired character.
  • My first vision-impaired character (and my second).
  • Oral sex.
  • Polyamorous triads.
  • Punishments.
  • Sex between men (cis and trans*) and women.
  • Squirting.
  • Strap-ons.
  • Teacher/student roleplay (between adults).
  • Women spanking men.
  • Women spanking women.

And here’s who it features from the Spanking Connected Universe:

Plus, I’ve introduced several additional recurring characters that I plan to tell more stories about as the year progresses. You’ll get to meet them when the book releases next year, and in previews that I post while I write.

I’m kind of amazed that I wrote this collection in under three weeks. It bodes well for future ones, though, and I’ve already finished my holiday list for February.


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