A Bedtime Spanking… and more!

My second Saturday night scene at Frolicon 2022 was a bedtime spanking. I haven’t given a true bedtime spanking in seven years, and it’s a scene that I really enjoyed doing the last time around. The setup is, basically, that your bottom gets ready for bed, goes over your knee, gets a maintenance spanking, and then gets put to bed, tucked in, kissed on the forehead, and left to sleep soundly (and sorely), knowing that she is taken care of.

I put my desire for a bedtime spanking into my Frolicon 2022 wish list post on Fetlife. I didn’t think it would actually happen, but hope springs eternal, right?

Then I got a message specifically asking about it, and, ngl, I got a little charge both in my brain and… well… elsewhere. Of course, the scene was only going to be the spanking and bedtime activities, so I told elsewhere to calm the fuck down and talked to the woman who was interested. We met on Friday at Frolicon, talked in person, set up a time (after my first scene on Saturday night), and parted excited to do it. On Saturday she came by my table and we talked again, setting up a few last-minute details, and I know we both couldn’t wait.

After my first scene on Saturday night, my hand was already quite sore, but I was not going to miss out on the bedtime spanking — not for any reason short of her calling a safeword and deciding she didn’t want to do it (which would have been completely fine; anyone can call out of any scene for any reason). I went back to my room to put down my toy bag, only taking out a small paddle and sticking it in my pocket.

(A small wooden spanking paddle similar to the one I brought with me to the scene. Mine has a straight handle and is a little thicker.)

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to call the spankee Wendy. It’ll make things easier.

Anyway, I went up to Wendy’s room and knocked on the door. As instructed, she was already wearing her pajamas, and had brushed her teeth and done all her bedtime stuff. Since she was a good girl, I gave her a little pack of M&Ms to have the next day (since her teeth had already been brushed for the night), and we hugged and talked for a few minutes.

Then it was time for her spanking. I sat down on her bed and pulled down her pajama pants and Ninja Turtle panties, and settled her over my knee.

I don’t recall everything that was said during the spanking, but since the scene was specifically a maintenance spanking before bedtime there was a lot of “yes, sir” and “little girl” going on. I honestly wish I’d asked her permission to set up a camera to record the scene, because I would love to watch it again (and again, and again, and again). What I definitely remember, though, was how fulfilling it was to say those things and hear her respond to them in the correct fashion. It reminded me that I am, first and foremost, a spanko; I love all sorts of BDSM and impact play, but there’s just something that hits different (no pun intended) about a pure spanking scene.

I spanked Wendy’s bare bottom firmly at first, to warm her up (and because she hadn’t earned a non-warmup spanking, which is more of a punishment thing), and her bottom grew pink. We talked, as I said before, during the spanking, and eventually the swats got harder. One thing that I love doing during pure spanking scenes like this is to “lecture” the bottom (a real lecture if she was naughty, or a discussion about good vs bad behavior when she’s been good), and I could tell it was something she appreciated as well.

Oh, and let’s not forget that this wasn’t only going to be a hand spanking. She’d specifically told me she wanted “a thorough spanking, one that leaves me red and sore”, and while I certainly could do that with my hand, tools help. Fortunately, she had one handy, and while I liked my paddle, hers was definitely better.

(A Miss Rose paddle made of dark Morado wood, 9.25 inches long by 2.5 inches across, and thick.)

I paddled Wendy lightly at first (although honestly with that paddle even “lightly” is fairly firm) before delivering a good number of hard swats. She reacted beautifully, and the harder I spanked, the better the reactions were.

I only really did one check-in during the scene, where I managed to ask her if she’d had enough. She told me that she could keep going if I used my hand instead of the paddle (she didn’t use those words), so of course I was willing to keep going, even though she was already quite red. I moved to her thighs and spanked them as well, with her prior consent, and then went back to her backside. I spanked her as hard as I could, which hurt my hand just as much as it hurt her ass, but we both wanted the scene to be as good as possible. I then finished with (I think) ten of the hardest OTK paddle swats I’d given in a long time.

(Wendy’s bare bottom and upper thighs, spanked and bruised. Photo posted with permission.)

The end of the scene was just as important as the rest of it. After taking a few pictures of her bottom (consensually, with her phone), I helped her pull up her panties and pajama pants, and we hugged, long and hard. Then I pulled back the covers and she got into bed, snuggling in with her stuffies. I tucked the blanket around her, kissed her forehead, told her “good night”, turned out the lights, and left her room.

It was, by far, one of the best pure spanking scenes I’ve ever done.

I found out later that, immediately after I left, she turned over to lessen the pressure on her bottom. She did sleep well, except for the fire alarm that went off about half an hour after I left, which was the intent.

Oh, and that wasn’t the end of things for Wendy, by the way. In the morning I texted her to see how she was doing, and I offered her a “touch-up”. She agreed, and around 9:30 I went up to her room again. After taking a few photos of her bottom before we started, she went over my knee and I spanked her again. This time it was just with my hand (which was, admittedly, still red and swollen from the night before — I did another scene after the bedtime spanking), and there wasn’t any role-play going on. We talked about Frolicon, about our scene, about spanking in general, and all the while I smacked her bare bottom, firmly at first but finally ending with some spanks at full intensity. More pictures, pants and panties up, and then we talked a bit more before one final hug (she gives great hugs) and tentative plans to do this again at SELF, which we’ll both be attending.

I’m very glad to have met Wendy, and I’m even gladder that we got to do a bedtime spanking scene. Frolicon always recharges me, kink-wise, but this recharged my spanko side even more, something that hasn’t really happened in a while. Even now, writing this post, I can feel my hands tingling, aching to do more spanking.

Which, I think, is exactly how I want them to feel.

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