Professor Pain Meets the Unstoppable Force

As promised, here’s a little bit of my story from Frolicon.

It took a month of careful experimentation and another month of detail work, but finally Professor Pain was ready to show what he’d come up with. Even though he didn’t have a secret lair anymore, he did still have a basement in his home in the suburbs, half of which was a workshop with all his tools of the trade, and the other half of which was a dungeon space. He’d messaged the Unstoppable Force on a Monday morning, and he’d shown up that very night.

“Can I get you a drink or anything?” the professor offered after allowing the superhero into the house.

The Unstoppable Force shook his head. “Honestly,” he said, his voice soft, “from the moment you messaged me all I could think about was what you had in store.”

Professor Pain nodded. “Follow me.”

He led the superhero down to the dungeon space. Within the wood-paneled walls were a spanking bench, a Saint Andrews cross, a hard point in the ceiling, and shelves upon shelves of the professor’s personal toy collection.

None of which he’d be using tonight.

“Take off your clothes,” Professor Pain said.

“Yes, sir.” Holy shit! Was this really happening? “But the mask stays on.”

“Fair enough.”

Soon, the Unstoppable Force was naked in the middle of the room. He had a good body — not too muscular, since his powers came from meteor radiation and not the gym — and Professor Pain couldn’t help but glance at the superhero’s cock, which was half-hard and pleasantly-shaped.

Professor Pain unfolded a tray table and set a lead-lined case on it. When he opened it, a faint green gleam made his heart start to beat faster. It always did when he was about to play with someone new.

The professor took out each item and showed it to the Unstoppable Force. There was a pair of matched floggers treated with a solution made from the meteor disc, a paddle with specks of it embedded in the wood, and Professor Pain’s personal favorite: a pair of fingerless gloves shot through with threads of meteor material. He pulled these onto his hands. “You ready?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, sir.”

Professor Pain pointed to the spanking bench. “Over,” he said.

The Unstoppable Force knelt on the bench’s padded surface and bent over, his bare backside raised. Professor Pain moved close to him, one hand on his lower back, and with the other he caressed the superhero’s ass. The Unstoppable Force shuddered. “I felt that,” he said, his voice full of wonder. “I actually felt that.”


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