Frolicon 2022 Recap

I’ve been to Frolicon every year (save one) since 2014, and I can confidently say that 2022 was the best I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to find out how I’m going to top it in 2023.

Thursday: I met one of my metamours for the first time. He’s a pretty nice dude. Quiet, which I like. Five of us (me, two partners, two metamours) went out to dinner, and then I got to spend Thursday night with one partner. We did a great scene in the dungeon (and left her with a ton of marks on her backside), and then went back to my room and had all the sex. We also spent the night together, which is great; I love it when she’s ready for sleep and I turn over to read and she cuddles me like a backpack. (I love it when my other partner does it too.)

(My Thursday partner’s backside, with her skirt up, wearing a g-string. Her bottom is covered with bruises. Posted with permission.)

Friday: Breakfast and coffee with a potential play partner, and then off to my table in the prefunction area. I met a lot of folks and sold some books, and did a class on getting started with writing which sort of became a clinic on writing in general. Then back to the table. I also hung out with a second potential play partner for a bit, and both of my partners came by to say hi. Dinner, shower, and then the Bedtime Stories event, where I performed a portion of “Professor Pain and the Unstoppable Force” while two folks from the audience acted it out (not knowing what was going to happen until I actually read the words aloud). It was super fun.

Friday, later: I went downstairs to meet the PP from that morning. We went into the dungeon and tried to do a scene, but it didn’t quite happen (which is totally fine), so we sat and talked for a while instead. Then I met up with my second PP (the one from the afternoon) and we talked for a long while before going to the dungeon, where we did do a scene that left her with some nice marks. I brought her back to her room and put her to bed, and then went back to my room and read for a bit before going to sleep. Oh, and at some point during the day I also met up with a third potential play partner who read my wish list on Fetlife and wanted to fulfill one of them, and one of my friends and past play partners chatted about finding a way to work her into my play schedule. More on that later.

Saturday daytime: This was by far my busiest day. I did two classes (one on how to do plotting, and one on writing from the woman’s point of view). In the morning I met up with that night’s first play partner (a new person) and she helped me out by covering my table for the first class. I spent some time with the partner who didn’t sleep over Thursday night, and hung out at my table, and made a ton of sales. I credit Lucille Yates, who had the table next to mine, as my good-luck charm. I even sold my “all six books” package to one person, and that’s never happened before.

Saturday nighttime: Three scenes:

  1. The scene with the play partner who covered my table. It went exceptionally well, and we both had a wonderful time. She was sore and marked afterward, and my right hand hurt too, from all the spanking.
  2. The scene with the wish list partner. I’m going to do a whole post on this later this week (with her consent), but suffice it to say that by the time I was done with her my right hand was exceptionally sore and swollen.
  3. The scene with the friend. We’ve played a bunch of times over the years, and I know her body pretty well. She’s a very light-red redhead, and her skin marks up beautifully. I covered her breasts, shoulders, and backside with marks.

I also got lots of hugs Saturday night (from all three people, plus the third person’s boyfriend).

Sunday: Breakfast and coffee with someone from Friday, and then an impromptu second spanking for the wish list partner, and then cuddles with one of my partners before finally heading home.

So yeah. A great weekend overall. The only thing that could have made it better was having my very own “assistant” to cover my table when I wasn’t there, so I could go to any classes that I might be interested in. Of course, the fact that I was at my table so much meant that people could get personalized books without having to come back, so I’d have to balance that.

Now, on to SELF!

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