Oasis Labor Day 2022, Days 3 and 4: Once (or Twice) More Unto the Breach

S and I really hit it off at Oasis. It reminded me of Crimson Moon 2019, when a friend of mine, Ashley Belle, introduced me to a friend of hers, and said friend and I spent pretty much the entire evening together two nights in a row. S is a cool, funny, interesting person, and it sucks that she lives literally on the other end of the country from me because I could see us becoming regular play partners.

S also happens to be gay. She’s not the first lesbian I’ve spanked, and I sometimes wonder what kind of vibes I give off that specifically attract lesbian spankos. I have no problem with said vibes, by the way. My best guess is that, because when I meet a gay woman I instantly put her in a box in my head that says “nothing romantic or sexual will ever happen”, I exude some sort of je ne sais quois that makes them feel comfortable because they know I’m never going to hit on them (except jokingly, and never threateningly so) or pressure them into doing something sexual with a person who has the wrong parts.

Anyway, S and I decided we were going to do another scene on Saturday, so after our class at noon we met up and I spanked her. This time we started on her bare bottom, which was pretty blank, even though she’d had another spanking just that morning.

She was not blank when I was done with her. I spanked her with my hand and almost all of my implements (she vetoed my floggers), and left her backside red with a few areas that might bruise.

Then it was my turn. She put me over her knee again, and while she was still mean, she was slightly less mean. Which isn’t to say that she didn’t leave marks, but I think she figured out that I responded better this way. After she was done with me, I spanked her again, and then we went our separate ways.

That night, at the dinner party, S and I talked quite a bit about many things, and it was decided that I would give her her final spanking of the weekend (she was leaving the next morning, just before lunch) and during that I would light her up and send her on the plane with an extremely sore bottom. We also went back to the spanking area where I gave her her first semi-public spanking — just over her pants, just over my knee. She returned the favor by spanking me over my suit pants, which don’t protect very much — I would have gladly lowered them for her, but it’s a bit of a production to get in and out of them. Not that it mattered; S spanks harder than she thinks she does, so I felt plenty, and we were both a little sore by the end.

I had planned to show her a pressure point technique in the hospitality suites later, but that didn’t happen. It was okay, though; I could manage it on the bed the next day.

On the morning of Day 4, I met up with S and, after showing her a couple of pressure point techniques, she bared her bottom for one final time. This was by far the most intense spanking I gave her all weekend; I warmed her up with my hand and I used every implement in my bag except for my floggers. There was a lot of strapping and tawse-ing, a good bit of paddling, and even some impromptu role-play — which is to say, I warned her that every time her legs came up to try and block me, she would get two full-power swats with whatever I had handy. (Later I changed it to “with the scene-ender“.)

This spanking went on for quite a while, and I actually didn’t use the scene-ender to end the scene. Instead, I gave her ten hard swats with it before switching to the wooden spoon. I really wish I had a photo of the results (she does) — she had little bruises on her backside, as well as two very, very vivid ones on her thighs that were purple before the spanking even finished.

After the spoon, I cooled S down with a hand spanking and then put lotion on her backside before we talked a bit, hugged, and I sent her off to the airport and a three-hour flight home. I’m sure it was delightfully uncomfortable.

I’m really glad she and I met. I’m looking forward to switching with her again sometime.

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