Oasis Labor Day 2022, Day 1: It’s Better to Give and Receive

I actually arrived in Las Vegas for the Oasis Labor Day 2022 party the day before everything started — it was the only way I could afford the flight on a holiday weekend. So I didn’t get to engage in any spanking activity until Thursday.

Well, actually, Friday, but since I hadn’t yet been to bed, let’s call it Thursday.

Earlier in the day I met an interesting woman from the Pacific Northwest (let’s call her “S”) and we talked a little. Later, when the hospitality suites were opened, she happened by and we talked quite a bit more. It was her first ever spanking party, and she was still finding her feet. We chatted a bit and I offered to play with her if she wanted, but if not, no pressure. She said she would probably prefer to wait until tomorrow, and we continued talking.

When we started talking about her preferences during topping, I volunteered as tribute, again saying there was no pressure. S seemed to get a little gleam in her eye — she said she was evil when she was topping — and I told her that didn’t dissuade me.

I should have listened.

As the evening went on, we chatted more, until eventually she said she was deciding if maybe she wanted to play that night. The decision ended up being yes, so I retrieved my implements and we went to her room (at her request — she didn’t want to play publicly). We negotiated a bit, and I showed her the implements I brought so that she could decide if there were any she didn’t want me to use. (There were three; I brought about ten.)

Once her shorts came off, I put S over my knee and spanked her over her panties, first with my hand to warm her up, and then with a few of my smaller implements, just to see how she’d react. She was a little squirmy but she was enjoying herself.

Then the panties came down (and off), and she was quite pink. I spanked her some more with my hand, and then with the small implements again, but I wasn’t going too hard because it was just the first night and I didn’t want to use up all the butt — I wanted to play with her again at some point, and I wanted her to be able to play with other people too.

After using my larger implements to give her a few swats, I used my hand again, and then gave her some swats with the scene-ender.

Then it was my turn. When I got over her lap, she bared my bottom right away — a surprise, but I didn’t mind. She wasn’t going to hurt me too badly, right?

Oof. This girl can hit. I got spanked with her hand, my small paddle, a spoon, a hairbrush, and the evil stick, and even though she kept saying my butt was cool (temperature-wise), it certainly felt on fire to me. She went halfway down my thighs, too (with consent). She was definitely as evil as advertised, and she was having a delightful time. Even though it hurt quite a lot, I appreciated how much fun she was having. I did have to yellow once, which was a bit of a surprise to me, but it was okay.

After I’d had enough, I put S back over my knee, pulled down her panties, and spanked her quite hard with my hand. Then I blasted her bottom with the hairbrush a few times — she might have had a bruise, which means I went too hard that night (I was trying to avoid leaving marks) — and she returned the favor by giving me two swats (over my clothes) with the scene-ender. Then there were hugs, and happy faces all around, and I went back to my room to go to bed.

The only bad part of the night was that I fell asleep at 1:45 and woke up at 3:45 — I still hadn’t adjusted to the time change, and my body refused to let me sleep that late on what it thought was a work day — but as I sat at the hotel room’s desk to write this, my ass was still sore, and that was nice.

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