Oasis Labor Day 2022, Days 3 and 4: Peanuts

At TASSP, I met a fellow spanko who goes by the name “Assaulted Peanut”. (She said I should use that name when writing about her.) We didn’t get a chance to play, but between TASSP and Oasis we talked a bit about a specific type of spanking that she wanted to experience, one that I offered her.

I ended up spanking her three times at Oasis, each one very different.

The first spanking was on Saturday night. At the formal dinner, there were some spanking areas set up, kind of like dressing rooms, in case anyone needed or wanted a sore bottom. AP asked me to bring her back there for reasons that shall remain private, and after we chatted for a bit, I gave her a relatively light spanking over her panties, one which she seemed to rather enjoy. I also enjoyed it. After the spanking we talked for a little while longer out in the main room, and made plans to do the spanking scene we had discussed in the intervening time. We also danced once, which was fun.

The second spanking was impromptu. I had sent her a message on Fetlife to reschedule our session on Sunday, as I had accidentally double-booked myself, and when she arrived in the hospitality suite I went over to apologize. Somehow (I know, right?) the conversation turned to spanking, and I mentioned that I was waiting for a couple of people. While I waited, we decided that I would spank AP again.

After a brief negotiation, we went to the massage table in the middle of the room. AP laid down on it and we lifted her skirt, revealing much cheekier panties than she’d had on at the dinner party. I used my hand to warm her up, and then spanked her harder with it, hard enough to get a verbal and physical reaction. AP is very reactive, both with her body and with the noises she makes, which I find very gratifying.

I’d shown her my toys while we negotiated, and I’d taken out only the ones that are not wooden, minus my new rubber tawse (too stingy for her). The space was a little tight, but I managed to spank her with my large leather tawse, my new leather strap that I’d just bought that day, my firehose strap, and all of my floggers. I didn’t flog her — there wasn’t room for that, and anyway she wasn’t in the right position — but I did hit her with the floggers, using them as more traditional spanking-type implements (as well as hitting her shoulders and upper back with them).

(My new leather strap, purchased at Oasis, with a pen next to it for a size comparison.)

Notable in this spanking: on multiple occasions, she held my hand, I’m guessing to give herself strength, and I rather enjoyed that additional contact, especially since there wasn’t the intimacy of an OTK spanking. Also, since we were in the middle of the room, we kind of put on a show. People were chatting and having fun, but they were also watching. One thing I had to do to get a good swing with my green flogger (the heavier one) was to step into each swing, and I distinctly remember a woman sitting on the floor (wearing a gorgeous dress that revealed a staggeringly-lovely amount of cleavage) making a surprised face — like “oh shit that’s going to hurt” — each time I stepped into a swing and landed the heavy suede implement on AP’s backside.

We finished with fifteen hard licks with my new leather strap, plus one extra because the fifteenth didn’t land the way I wanted it to, and then there were hugs. I checked on her later in the evening and she said she was sore but thoroughly enjoyed the scene — as did I. 

The third spanking for AP was planned, but because of scheduling, we changed the location a little. We were going to do it privately, but we decided that for various reasons we should use the hospitality suite again. This spanking was very similar to the previous one, except that it was much more intense. It was also loud, so I told her to hold onto one of my implements and, if she needed to call yellow, to drop it. If somehow I missed that, she should shove the rest of them onto the floor. Fortunately, she didn’t need to call yellow, but I am glad that I thought of an alternative to vocal safewords.

I also got her into subspace, at least a little bit. She made some wonderful noises and had some delightful reactions, and there were hugs both during and after the spanking. Unfortunately she can’t handle a lot of sting so I wasn’t able to use my Walmart spoon to leave bruises, but that’s okay. I still had a very good time spanking her.

That was also the last time I spanked her over the weekend; we had thought we’d do another scene in my room on Labor Day, but she wasn’t feeling well so she headed home a little early. Still, we’re definitely going to play again in the future. I’m looking forward to it.

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