Oasis Labor Day 2022, Day 3: Quality over Quantity

While at TASSP this year I met a lovely woman, tall and dark-haired and curvy, and I got to give her a very nice spanking on Saturday night. We stayed in contact after that, and it’s primarily because of her (and a friend of hers) that I came to Oasis this year in the first place. (Nothing against Oasis; I just hadn’t planned to come, not until I met them.) While I did give her a light spanking on Day 2, it was Day 3 when she put me over her knee, and that’s what I’m writing about now.

This particular woman is very tall, taller than me, so while I have gone OTK before, it was a very different experience. I now understand why some men fetishize women who are taller than they are; as much as I love cuddling my partners who are shorter than me, there’s just something about being held by someone taller. Fortunately she is okay with that.

My spanking wasn’t hard. Not really. She used her hand, and a few leather implements, and a paddle made from the same material as corian countertops, and sure, it hurt, but not as much as it did when S spanked me. That didn’t make either one of their spankings bad; they were just different. Plus, perhaps owing to the fact that this person is bisexual and S is gay, there was more intimacy to the spanking because I knew that she likes men sexually and romantically.

After several very enjoyable minutes over her lap, she asked me to finish taking off my clothes (I was already bottomless) and lie down on the bed. We’d talked about how much I like scratching, so she put on metal nails and scratched my back, backside, and thighs, and it was delightful. She spanked me some more with her hand, and then used two different leather implements as well as a martinet.

(A martinet, similar to the one that was used on me.)

The martinet was very interesting. It stung a little, but it also built up, so that after a while I ceased to care about the stinging because I was getting the warmth of repeated impact. She used it on my shoulders, back, bottom, and thighs, and it was probably one of my favorite implements. I also learned that, when she hits me with leather straps or belts, certain other things happen, much to my surprise (and delight).

She and I spent a lot of time together Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, doing more than just engaging in spanking play. We talked quite a bit, got to know more about each other, and also some other fun things happened. We determined that it was too bad she lives so far away, because we could foresee being regular partners (and honestly I would probably ask her out on a date if it was feasible, location-wise), but she and I both live in areas well-served by Delta so it’s certainly possible that we see each other again — plus, y’know, spanking parties.

Did she leave marks when she spanked me? I don’t think so. Did I enjoy it? Oh hell yes. She reminded me that, even though I enjoy hard spankings, it doesn’t have to be a hard spanking for me to enjoy it. That’s something I should know already, given that I have one partner who is a relatively light bottom, but I never put the pieces together on my own behalf.

Now I have.

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