What do you like to see?

What do you like to see in your spanking fiction? What turns you on? What turns you off? Let’s have a discussion.

And, hey, if you want a specific type of spanking story, you can always commission me to write it for you.

What turns me on? Apparently discipline scenes; if you look at Baker’s Dozen, you’ll find eight of the thirteen stories have disciplinary spankings in them — either real punishment or funishment. In real life, I don’t actually like having to discipline people, although I do get fulfillment out the “teaching” aspect of it.

What turns me off? When verbal degradation happens with no warning, it really takes me out of the story. I don’t love it regardless, but at least if it’s built up with good characterization I can manage it. (And I have written it once or twice.)

What about you?

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